Sunday, August 05, 2007

Walking Ball of OW

Yup, that's me. I just HURT, all over! Two trips to the gym and I can't even let my arms hang at my side as I walk, because that makes my biceps hurt really bad. Some muscle in my back is just aching, and earlier, when my husband drove over a speed bump, it made my boobs bounce and that in turn made the chest muscles hurt!

What the hell man? How is anyone supposed to want to stick with this crap if it will cause them constant pain???

I keep telling myself that being fit will be worth it, the pain will be worth it when I can get into my Halloween costume (not that I know what I'm going to be yet). It's just tough NOW. Oh, and knowing that I have to go work out while I'm this freaking sore tomorrow isn't helping matters any.

Thank goodness for brownies! I know, I know, shouldn't be having brownies, but let's face it, I need some sort of happiness in my life right now to distract from my aches and pains. A few weeks ago Wendy wrote about these No Pudge brownies on her blog, and how great they were. I had seen them in the store before, but I was thinking to myself, no-fat brownies? Could that possibly be any good?

Well, I tried them on her recommendation, and they are AWESOME. You just combine the mix with some nonfat vanilla yogurt and you have brownies. Even better, you have the option of making a single serving at a time, in the microwave no less! Good stuff.

So, I'm telling someone about this wonderful discovery, and someone else pipes up, "oh, you know, you'd be better off just eating a small REAL brownie instead of that fat free fake stuff full fo chemicals." Thank you, Mr. Rain-On-My-Parade! I know that for most things in life this is true. But when you stop and check the ingredients before making snap judgements, it's easy to see they're not that bad. For the record, the ingredient list reads:

pure cane sugar
unbleached wheat flour
dutch cocoa
egg whites
wheat gluten
baking soda

and then you mix in some yogurt, which is not bad either. Heck, I even have been using organic yogurt! All this stuff, with the exception of the wheat gluten, is stuff I have in my kitchen. So I'll keep on eating my single serving of warm, gooey, straight from the microwave fat free brownies to soothe my achy soul. YUM!


Blogger melissa said...

I've had so many people tell me about those brownies but never actually tried them.-thats great that you can do single servings!

PS:lovin the new banner ;)

11:43 AM  

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