Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Preparing for 30

Today marks one week of my new "be healthy" commitment behind me.
I said I would try to make healthier choices concerning food, without being on any sort of "diet".

I said that I would go to the gym EVERY DAY after work.

I said that I would work out on the weight machines on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week.
and finally:

I said I would work on this each day, even if only for a minute or two here or there to build up my strength.

That's right folks, that there is my "vertical dance" pole, also known in most circles as a stripper pole. It's my birthday gift from my husband, and yes, I asked for it. I got it a few weeks early, and I don't strip on it because I'm kinda fat and so not sexy to be doing that. I do use it to stretch, and spin, and hopefully eventually I'll be able to lift myself upside down on that bad boy. Spinning is the most fun, right now, because you kind of feel like you're flying. The plastic mat leaning up against the wall is for when I do it with shoes on, because I learned that the carpet keeps you from spinning properly in shoes. Another thing that I am learning I will have a lot of as I do this is:


I have had the most magnificent bruises on the tops of my feet and my inner thighs lately! I don't bruise easily either, so you know I'm really knocking myself around. It will be worth it when I can finally do all this stuff though. I bought a book to learn some stretches and basic moves. It's written by the woman who taught the lady who gave our party a few months ago, so I've already done a lot of the exercises in real life. I've also watched a lot of videos on YouTube. Seriously, do a search on there for pole dancing and you'll be amazed at what some of these women can do. It's crazy.

So anyway, I'm eating more fruits and veggies, less candy and fried stuff, I'm recycling at home, I'm buying organic foods and cleaning products, I'm working out, I'm sleeping better since cutting out the green tea... not too shabby a start for my 30th year!

It's only nine days away! EEP!

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Blogger em said...

"known in most circles as a stripper pole" crack me up!

6:52 AM  

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