Sunday, January 14, 2007

I need a neighbor...

The apartment next door to me has been empty for the past few months. I'm wondering how long it will take for me to have a new neighbor. There was a girl living there when I first moved in. Cute, young, kept to herself mostly. She moved out a few months later and the apartment sat empty for a couple of months then also. I found myself dreaming of what the perfect new neighbor would be like:

I was thinking, a slightly flamboyant, but not too over the top gay man, who would like to be my best friend. Bonust points if he was a drag queen. He could show me how to do my makeup, and I would bake him cookies and scrap the pics from his shows.


A woman who was single or newly married with no kids, about my age, who scrapbooked also. We could get together and scrap and gossip about Two Peas.

Or even better? Some combination of the two! Heaven!

So who moved in? A nerdy engineer guy who had his scary parents from the old country staying with him and who parked on the grass in front of the stairs. Nice enough guy, but could the universe have provided me with a more opposite neighbor than I requested???

So anyway, he is gone now, and the apartment sits empty. It's a one bedroom. If you know anyone who fits the description of what I am looking for, and is looking for an apartment in Chandler, and wants a GREAT neighbor, hey, send them my way!



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