Sunday, October 08, 2006

Bad dogs

It was a rough night to be a little dog in the Miss M household!

We went out shopping yesterday. Got these cute new shoes:

They're waaaaay comfy. The husband got a pair for himself also. Not the same ones, of course. Ha ha! We stopped at Dilly's Deli on the way home to grab some dinner and were prepared to spend a quiet evening in.

Uh, WRONG!!!! We came home to a GIANT mess! Apparently, my husband had planned on taking out the trash as we were leaving, but he forgot the bag in the kitchen. Normally, all trash is kept in the cabinet to keep it out of reach of the children, but this was too accessible for them to resist. They SHREDDED the bag, and dragged the contents throughout the apartment. It was so gross. There was old Chinese food leftovers in there, Healthy Choice trays, a milk carton... and the worst part.... I made these chocolate muffins last weekend, and we didn't manage to eat them all so four got thrown out. We found only one and a half still intact.

Both dogs had the biggest, most swollen bellies you've ever seen. And I knew I had to get everything out of those bellies to get the muffins out, since chocolate is toxic to dogs, especially little ones.

That was so gross. I'll spare you the details, but suffice to say, it's amazing how much junk a six pound dog can manage to cram into her belly, let alone a 12 lb one! After that was all done, we had to give them baths, since a lot of the trash was all over their faces and legs. Leila bounced back pretty well from the ordeal, but I was really worried about Gidget, because she was acting a little lethargic afterwards. We bought a medicine dropper and I forced her to have a little water, so she is fine today, thank goodness.

I'll tell you what, that husband of mine better be a lot more careful with the trash from now on!


Blogger em said...

Oh no....I can't even imagine!!!!

7:11 PM  

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