Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Fast Food Nation

You know how they say that the most stressful job in the USA is being an air traffic controller?

I think that being the manager at my local Wendy's has to run a close second.

That poor, poor man. We went in last Wednesday to grab dinner because we (I) was too lazy to cook. I ordered a burger with NO TOMATO and my husband ordered one with NO ONION. It was printed on the little digital display in the drive through, and also on our receipt. We get home, and you guessed it, tomatoes on my burger and onions on my husband's. Normally, I'd just grumble and pick off the offending items, but this happens quite often, so I decided to call the number on the receipt. I told the manager what happened, and he was very gracious and said to just bring in the receipt and he'd replace the offending items for free. SWEET! Free dinner!

So last night (please, don't judge!) we head in to cash in on our free grub. While we are standing in line, the woman who got her order just before us brings her sandwich to the counter, because it was made wrong. My husband commented that he thought that everytime we had gone in there, someone had brought their food back to the counter because it was wrong. I thought about it and I think he may have been right!

So the manager comes over, apoligizes, takes our order and even throws in a couple of free Frostys. YUM! We were standing by the counter waiting for our food, and I got to take advantage of my bilingual eavesdropping skills. The manager was standing next to the guy making the burgers, supervising him, and talking to him in Spanish. He told him, no, it says NO ONIONS! What are you doing, no, no, see those round white things over there? They kinda smell like onions? Why are you still putting them on? No, look, see it says NO TOMATO! You know, those red circles you just put on there? No, you have to READ it.


Of course, as we were exiting the restaurant, correct orders and complimentary Frostys in tow, another guy was walking in from the parking lot, carrying a sandwich in his hand and looking rather put out. Hee hee!

Poor manager!


Blogger em said...

That is why I don't eat fast food... :)

3:59 PM  

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