Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I hate carpet!

You ever have those days where you have so much stuff to do that you really don't feel like doing ANYTHING at all, and instead you do stuff like, oh, I dunno, post on your blog???


Welcome to today! My father in law is flying in from Seattle tomorrow for a weeklong visit, so we've been trying to get the house tidied up for the occasion. I thought Miss Gidget was finally getting housebroken, but my husband noticed a couple of weeks ago that our tan dining room carpet was all of a sudden generously spotted with little yellow spots. GREAT. We don't eat in there, in fact, the table usually ends up being a dumping ground. That's how we missed it. That little snot! She's lucky she's cute!

Sunday, I started my battle with the carpet. First, there was a gallon and a half of Nature's Miracle. We started out scrubbing it in by hand, but the smell was too much. I ended up dumping it into the water tank of my steam cleaner and using that to get it on to the rug. The first pass I sucked up most of the liquid, to get the major grodiness out, then the last pass I didn't suck it up at all. The liquid in there was BLACK, ew. I hate carpet! I let it soak in and dry overnight to kill the pheromones or whatever that stuff is supposed to do.

Today, I shampooed the carpet with Pet Odor and Soil formula cleaner. I have a pretty kick butt Bissell Pro-Heat, and I went over that rug three times! The first two times with cleaner, once in each direction, then once with just water to rinse. The water was just as black on the third just-water pass as it was on Sunday with the first cleaning of Nature's Miracle. I hate carpet!

I let it dry all day, then I sprinkled almost a whole can of odor absorbing powder fresh stuff on there. I let it sit for 10 minutes, then vacuumed it up. I bet my neighbors think I am crazy, vacuuming so much in that one room lately! I'll tell you what though... the spots are gone and my house smells nice again!

I made a great pot roast for dinner using a recipe in my new Weight Watcher's cookbook tonight. Only 5 points per serving! Of course, I had a LOT of French bread with it, oops!

I still have to finish cleaning my bathroom, we have to clean our bedroom, and finish cleaning the living room. The kitchen just needs a touch up, but my husband is handling that. I'm VERY lucky, I don't do dishes ever!

Well, off to go clean something. yay. I'm. so. excited.


Anonymous wendy said...

wowzers Sara. I never knew how to correctly clean carpet - and I think I just learned!! THANKS!! (I've always just tried one of those steps at any one time, never with a steamer, and it never worked.

Have fun on your visit!!

10:30 AM  
Blogger Zee said...

YIKES, lord only knows how bad our carpet is! We really need to rent a cleaner, must be nice to own one! ;)

9:19 PM  

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