Monday, April 17, 2006


We redecorated my husband's bathroom tonight. It really needed a deep cleaning, since my father-in-law is coming into town on Wednesday. The only drawback to having my own bathroom is that I don't notice how gross my husband's bathroom is until it's too late!

Anyway, here's the finished product:

Before, there was no real design. There was a tan and burgundy plaid shower curtain, and nothing on the walls. The curtain was the tab top kind, no rings, and a really heavy fabric. I changed it out for this lighter, brighter one I found at Target, and I got the rings on clearance for 75 cents at Walmart! WOO!

The towels I got at Wally World too. They're just for decoration, as I am a firm believer in plain, white bath towels that I can bleach. The little shelf I had in storage, the duckies were a set I got on clearance for $3, the green candle was already in there, the toothbrush holder was $2, and the bucket was a 97 cent Easter decoration that I dropped a Glade candle inside. The sign on the wall was my piece de resistance.

I used a piece of board that's been living in the trunk of our car for the past eight months or so. It was a remnant from the little table I made for my scrap studio. I saved it in case I might need it one day, ha ha. I painted it a soft yellow, to match the stripe in the curtain, and then again in bright green. Turns out, the paint on my studio walls match the shower curtain almost exactly! That paint was a good investment.

The wording for the sign I took off the picture on the shower curtain packaging. I used my Making Memories foam stamps to stamp out the words, and then I went over them again with a paintbrush to get a hand-painted look. After it all dried, I sanded the heck out of it with a coarse sanding block to get a distressed look. You can see a bit of the yellow paint peeking out from the green.

The knobs I bought for a dresser that I owned eleven years ago, but I never got around to painting and attaching them. The dresser is long gone, but the knobs have been in my craft supplies for ages. I stained them with an antiquing varnish and attached them to tie the sign in with the wooden shelf.

I really like how this all turned out. I spent less than $40 and got a whole new, fresh, clean, bright, happy look. HGTV budget design shows, eat your heart out!


Blogger Hillary said...

I love the shower curtain! Very cute!

1:52 PM  
Blogger em said...

The bathroom looks great! I wish my husband had his own bathroom!! (Okay...I should say...I wish I had MY own bathroom!)

3:44 PM  
Blogger Zee said...

Ooooooo look at you are your decorated bathroom. Love the little masculine feel and such a great sign!

Jeff and I each have our own sink, same counter but really long. Anyway I am always shocked at how completely discusting is comapred to mine, with the same amount of time between cleaning! LOL. Men!

9:21 PM  

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