Sunday, February 26, 2006

Meet the new member of my family

I was feeling like I needed a new handbag. Well...

Happy Birthday to me!

I got $150 in gift cards to Coach from my husband for my birthday last August, but they haven't really had any handbags that I liked since then. I originally went in to get this one:

It's so pretty! But, I looked at it when I got to the store, and it was waaaaaaay tiny, which is not good. I need all my stuff to fit! So I was thinking, maybe another bag in this fabric. The thing is, as pretty as it is, it's a sateen cotton fabric which looked like it would be dirty the second you carried it out of the store! If I am going to spend that much on a handbag, I want it to hold up for a while, you know? So I poked around, and I found the one I eventually bought. It's pretty classic, and it's got this cool new style braided handle. It's just right for all my stuff, without being too big or bulky. I love it!

Here's the bad Boy-Is-She-Shallow comment: If you are going to buy yourself a Coach handbag, at least at the Chandler Fashion Center, go buy it BEFORE you do any of your other browsing. The shopping bag they put my purse in was HUGE, and it was covered in that pretty springy patchwork pattern. VERY attention grabbing. Can I tell you how good it feels to have all the other girls at the mall eyeing your pretty shopping bag with envy? Hee hee! Loves it!

I know that in the grand designer handbag scheme of things, a Coach bag really isn't that big of a deal. I'm under no illusions. But around here, in style-less Chandler, it works. The thing is, I really do like the bag, it's not about just the name. I have one of their bags that you can't even tell it's Coach because it's a plain hot pink leather. The construction is just superior to a Walmart bag. You can feel it when you zip it up, when you hold it. It's a good bag. And it's allllll mine!


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