Friday, February 24, 2006

I love a rainy night

You know that Sesame Street theme song? Of course you do!

Sunny Days, sweeping the clouds away!

Ugh. Sunny days are the DEVIL! Give me a good, old-fashioned rainy day any time. Those fools down on Sesame Street didn't know what the heck they were talking about!

What is it about the rain? Maybe it's because I grew up in a desert, but something about it makes me really happy. I just wanna curl up with a good book, have some cocoa, and listen to it pelt the windows. It's beautiful, really, and as long as I don't have to drive anywhere, it's so peaceful.

The crappy part? It's been 129 days since our last rainfall. That's just over a third of a year!!! I remember, it was either last year at this time or the year before, but it rained every day for two weeks straight. Some people complained and said enough already, but I thought it was wonderful. The grass was a brilliant shade of green, the river actually had water in it, and no stupid sun in sight!

So, rain, rain, don't go away. We need you here TODAY!!!


Blogger Bonny Babe said...

Let's trade for a few weeks! After one of the wettest ever winters in the PNW I'd love to actually see the sun again... it's that big orange glowie-thing in the sky, right?

11:41 PM  

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