Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Three Strikes buddy, and you're Out!

Tonight, while we were on the way home from the grocery store, we saw a guy get pulled over while we waited for the light to change. We were like, ooooooh, BUSTED! My husband had to drive by them to get us home, so I told him to be sure to use his signal at the corner and to come to a COMPLETE stop at the sign. He asked me, "why is it that people start to obey the laws AFTER they've seen the cop pull someone over? He's busy already! He can't get you!"

I said, "maybe he can't, but he for sure has a radio in that car, and he could call one of his police-man buddies to come nab your behind!"

My husband assured me that is not what the radios are used for. Oh yeah smart guy? Why do they have them then? He says, "oh, you know, to stop high speed chases and stuff like on Smokey and the Bandit." I'm telling you, he said this with a straight face. I'm thinking, really? Because there are THAT many high speed chases everyday?

He says, "well, we DO live in Phoenix. Haven't you watched the news?" I conceded that yes, there are a few, maybe one a month, if that. He swears it's more like once a week. The long, flat, straight roads around here are just an invitation and a dare for you to try and outrun the law! He said there must be an awful lot of Phoenicians out there with two tickets that are trying to avoid that third strike.

This reminded me of a funny story. Okay, funny to me anyway. I have two younger brothers. My little brothers are not the brightest crayons in the box, let me tell you. I have many friends who honestly don't understand how I grew up in the same household with the same parent and came out so different from them. I don't get it either, but I am thankful that I did!

The little buggers turned out to be criminals, and incredibly stupid ones to boot. Once, when the older of the two (he is the middle child) was on probation he got pulled over while driving. He had gotten busted either for breaking into houses or stealing cars, I don't remember which time that was, but that's why he was on probation. Anyway, he had violated probation somehow, and he knew he would be going back to jail once the cop ran his info. Smart thing that he is, he devised a speedy plan to get himself out of this scrape: he would just give the officer his friend's name instead of his own and claim that his wallet got stolen yesterday, hence, no I.D. Slick, huh?

This would have been a great plan, let me tell you, if the little dumbass had only known that his friend had a warrant out for HIS arrest! Oops!

Reason #29 not to breed: I've seen what my genes are capable of producing. Oy.


Blogger Zee said...

ROFLOL! That is too stinking funny. Awww if only there were more selfless non breeders like you. Ha Ha!

2:59 PM  

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