Thursday, October 13, 2005

My humps, my lovely lady lumps!

Check it out!

My boobs are happy being a C. They apparently LIKE being a C cup so much, that no matter what my weight may be, they stay a c cup. I gain weight, I lose weight, I am still a c cup no matter what. I thought I might just be wearing the wrong size bras, but I've been measured by several Victoria's Secret employees in two different states and by two different people at the Nordstroms here at home. They are C's.

This is great when I am thinner. Right before my wedding, when I dropped some weight, my boobs looked killer. I was quite impressed with the girls at that time in my life. I could really rock a tee shirt, let me tell you!

But, as the 7 foot tall man looks gigantic when standing next to a Mini Cooper, so does he look dwarfed when he stands next to a Semi hauler truck. I gain weight, and the girls stay the same, so in essence, they are smaller.

If I am gonna be a big girl, shouldn't one of the perks of the extra fat I am sporting on my belly and ass be some bodacious ta ta's to take some of the emphasis off my massive belly and ass? Something fun to hike up and stick out and say Hey, I may be chunky, but at least I have THESE!!!

But no. I am now a fat girl with small boobs. No fair.


Blogger Zee said...

Dude, I hear ya, but at least you have c's. Myself have been cursed with A's, ok admittly they would technically be AA's, yup, just like the smaller battery and I too do not get bigger as my butt and tummy does. Sigh. I need to shed some pounds.

10:48 AM  
Blogger Diana in WV said...

I know this is an older post, but I just HAD to post a comment on this one. I have been going through the 2peas blogger ring checking out other 2peas blogs. So, I was randomly reading some posts on each person's blog, just to kinda get a feel of that person, usually based on the titles to their blog for the day or layouts they happen to show on their blog, photos, whatever. Well, I'm scrolling down your blog, when I came across the title to this day's blog, the lovely lady lumps, I was LAUGHING my butt off because just last week I posted a blog with this title, and thought I'd share with ya, haha. I haven't been on 2 peas on a while (having withdrawals), but the last thing I did was a few effer dares back in the beginning of the dares (printer out of ink, no recent pics to scrap cause can't print them out, lol), so if you decide to check out my schtuff which is very simple stuff, my user ID on 2peas is FishyD. Anyway, so I thought I'd link ya to my blog entry with a similar title to yours, just so you can read mine, lol.

11:08 AM  

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