Sunday, October 16, 2005

PSA: Faux Spider Webs

It's that time of year again.... people are putting up Halloween decorations!

I love Halloween. Not only is it a really fun holiday where I get to dress up my kids (hee hee), but for me, it signals the end of summer. I know to people in other parts of the country that may sound strange, but here in Arizona it's still really hot in October. Right now, I am looking out my window and it is overcast and breezy. The weatherbug on my monitor says it's 79 degrees right now. Pure bliss.

There are only a few things about this holiday that bother me. One is teenagers who trick or treat with no costume, only a backpack or pillowcase to collect candy. They better not bother with coming up my stairs, because there will be no candy for them. If they dress up, that's another story.

The big thing though, is those cotton spiderwebs.

Come on, you know you've seen them in the store. For a mere two bucks, you two can transform your plain abode into a creepy haunted house. It's this wad of cotton that you just stretch out and stick to your walls to resemble creepy spider webs.

Here's the problem I have with these: Most of the time, people don't stretch them out enough. So instead of having a house covered with spider webs, they have a house covered in clumps of cotton. It's like their bad preschooler got into the bag of cotton balls and made a mess.

Is this cute? NO. Is this scary? NO. Are wads of yucky cotton all over the house and yard in any way related to Halloween? Unfortunately, these days the answer is more and more becoming YES.

Don't even get me started on the flourescent green and orange ones you can get now. Seriously, when was the last time you saw a spider spin an orange web? You really think globs of day-glo yellow cotton on your home makes you look cool?

So here is my PSA for the day. If you buy these cotton webs, the key word is STRETCH. Stretch out that cotton as far as it will go. Make it thin and wispy and really think about what cob webs look like as you apply this product to your home or anywhere else for that matter. Properly put up, these do add to the overall look of your Halloween decor.

If you don't feel like putting in the time, why not spend that two or three bucks on another pumpkin instead?


Blogger Zee said...

Here, Here Sista! I love this stuff and agree it needs to be stretched. I soooo want to dress up this year but have no plans. Would love a party but have no friends..ok so I have a couple but not enough in state, or locally to have a party. Besides, my local friend was already invited to one. Whaaaaaaaa!

10:52 AM  

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