Saturday, October 08, 2005

I'm Back!

I was so worn out from my "vacation". It's like I need a vacation from my vacation!

We drove to Cali on Sunday. It was a pretty quick drive, actually. We managed to keep ourselves entertained by playing some "booty music" (as my friend's mom called it) on my iPod and reading the new Hollywood Dog magazine. There was a fun stop at the Outlet Mall, where my friend and I each got a new Coach bag, and her mom got two! I also scored a collar for Miss Gidget (since Leila already has a Coach collar) for only $23!

Monday was our first day at Disney. We didn't go over to California adventure at all that day. I ate sugar all day, it was awesome! We rode Space Mountain and shopped and walked a LOT. I bumped into a girl I was friends with in high school eleven years ago! That was kinda trippy. She's a year older than me and she had two boys! Not little ones either. That's freaky to think that I am old enough to have kids that big.

After the park, we had dinner at the House of Blues in downtown Disney. I tried to take a picture of my friend in one of the shops while we were waiting for our buzzer to go off, and the guy working in there said sorry, no photos allowed. As I was about to put my camera away, he continued... "You know, since 9-11 and all." Oh man! I had to take the bait. I said, what on earth does 9-11 have to do with taking pictures in a hat/junk shop? He says, well, it was when the terrorists, you know, and the buildings, in New York, and they crashed into them, and the people, they died. Uh, okay. Didn't answer my question. And I do know WHAT 9-11 was, dumbass! So I told him I knew what it was, but what did that have to do with his shop? See, if he had just said no photos allowed I would have been fine with it, but stupidity, man, that yanks my chain! We tried to sneak a pic through the window, you know, just so that the terrorists wouldn't win (ha ha) but dumb me forgot to turn off the flash and all I got was a reflection. Oh well. Fun times!

Tuesday we decided to take a break from the Magic Kingdom and to get us some Chicken and Waffles. I told my husband to google Roscoe's and he got the address and driving directions. We were heading toward COMPTON!!! We got there and it had been closed down. We were sad and ended up eating at McDonalds for lunch.

After lunch, we browsed the fashion district. The shops were cool ( I got some REALLY cute earrings for like $4 a pair!) but the thing to see were the alleys! OMG, talk about knock off heaven! I had a field day examining logos, and placement, and linings, and hardware. It was incredible what you could find back there. DVD's of movies that are currently in the theatre, Tiffany's, sunglasses, Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Bebe, Von Dutch, you name it, and it was there. I got a tiara! You know, to wear while I vacuum.

Wednesday was back to Disney! We hit California Adventure first, and it was DEAD. We rode the Hollywood Tower of Terror TWICE in a row with NO wait at all! It was freaking awesome! We wanted to have lunch at Ariel's Grotto but there was like a 5 hour wait, so we headed back to Disneyland and ate there instead, at the Plaza Inn. I was pretty much Disney-ed out by the afternoon, but we managed to stick it out for the parade.

Thursday we headed to LA again before heading home. We went to Fifi and Romeo in Hollywood. I had to check this place out. It's been on TV, and in magazines. Paris Hilton shops there! So we found it and I have to say, honestly, that I like Mackie's Parlour here in Scottsdale way better. There was one bubble that got burst!

After that, we managed to find the Roscoe's chicken and waffles in Hollywood. We saw our first (and only) celebrity of the trip, Spinderella from Salt n' Peppa! The chicken there was fantastic, seriously, the BEST fried chicken I've ever had in my life. I would have never thought to pair fried chicken and waffles and syrup, but man, they sure do go good together. It's like, you don't want to like it, because it's weird, but then you really do!

We drove home after that, managing a few photos of the Hollywood Sign and one of the REAL Hollywood Tower hotel. I have to say, as much fun as I had, I am just glad to be home again with my kids.


Blogger Melissa said...

Wow what a trip. I am glad you had fun! Looks like you did lots of fun stuff

7:12 AM  
Blogger Alexandra Wieckowski said...

I LOVE Disney! Glad you had a fun time :D

4:47 PM  
Anonymous desiree said...

Glad you had a good time! You deserved it! Cute pics! :0)

12:37 PM  
Blogger Zee said...

Glad you had a great time! Thanks for posting the pictures too! I just love seeing them.

P.S. Your hair looks great!! :)

10:54 AM  

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