Friday, June 21, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Weeks 10 & 11

Here's weeks ten and eleven!  Only five more to go!  I am so excited because I totally think I'm going to get caught up!  I can't believe it!

Left side!  I think the photos printed really dark for some reason this week.  Compare the printed version of my title card to the version I have saved on my computer.  See how dark the word Hello is in comparison on the printed version?  I wonder what changed this week since I'm still using the same Walgreens.  Hmm.

Title card inspired by the title card on Adrienne Alvis' week 16 layout.  I just found her on Pinterest this week and am LOVING her work.

The patterns on this were all found using Google image search. The title font is Janda Stylish Script.

The layout of this card was inspired by the lower right corner of the right side of this layout.

The pattern on this card was found doing a Google image search for wallpaper.  I found some good stuff that way!  The design for this card was inspired by the bottom left card on the right side of Nichole Duenke's week 21 layout.

Both quotes found on Pinterest.  The one on the left here and the one on the right here.

Right side!

The trellis and cork backgrounds were found doing a Google image search. Come to think of it, so was the note paper!  The font for Rainy Night Legos is Henny Penny and the banner on the other card is a dingbat from KG Flavor and Frames.  The other text is all Century Gothic.  It is my go-to "simple" font.

The date font is Lavanderia.  I think the text font is Irish Spaghetti but I'm not 100% sure.

The patterned paper for the background on this card can be found here. The punch label is the Punch Label font.

The background for both of these cards were found on Google image search looking at wallpaper patterns. The design for the card on the right is based on the Big Mess card on this layout.

The layout for this card was inspired by the Happy Birthday card on the last layout of this page.  The background paper was found here.

The font on this one is Batik Regular.  It's my go-to typewriter font these days.  The bunting and the circle on the bottom with the date are dingbats from KG Flavor and Frames. The background was another Google wallpaper.

The arrows on the left card are another dingbat from KG Flavor and Frames.

And that's it for that week!  I feel so accomplished, LOL!

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