Monday, June 17, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Week 12

Week twelve is done and in the book!  Now I am only eight weeks behind - WOMP WOMP!   It sounds like an awful lot, but considering that I was twenty weeks behind two weeks ago, I think I'm doing okay.  I scanned this one.  My stitching leaves a little to be desired, but I think it came out better than when I was photographing them on the floor of my craft room.  

As usual, click on any image to see it larger.

Left side:

Title card scraplifted from findingnana on Instagram.  Her pages are awesome.  The "Make This Moment Count" was found on Pinterest.  There seem to be, oh, about a million of them on there so I have no idea what the original source was.  I just resized the image for the card.  The Irish blessing card was resized from a free printable that can be found here.

The design for this card was lifted from the card on the lower left corner of the left side of Michelle Wooderson's week three spread.  The background behind the photos is actually a desktop wallpaper that I found in a Google image search.  MAN! I love Google image search!!!

The design for this card was taken from the "Let's Party" card on the lower right side of this layout.  I used Mel Stampz pinstripe white overlay for the background here and just lowered the opacity to get the tone on tone look.

Here's the right side.

I changed out the sizes on the cards in the middle row for this one... such a rebel! HA!

Tell me that broken screen doesn't look like, um... some lady part.  Terrible.

The design for this card was inspired by another findingnana card; specifically, the "Celebrate" card on the lower left corner of this page. The file label on this card was modified from one of my previous printables.  The hexagon background was found in a Google image search, and of course I can't find it again to link here.

The "Naps are pretty Amazing" card was modified from this picture found on Pinterest.

For this card, I googled the logo for our local children's museum and just removed the white background.

I made a matching card for the journaling (they're roughly 4" x 4") and after they were printed I trimmed the corners and punched the centers from the green circles so they would look like kraft tags.

The rest are just trimmed photos!  It's so nice to have another week down!

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