Thursday, June 06, 2013

Project Life is BACK!


Now that I've been able to start spending some time in my craft room again, I decided to get back on the PL band wagon.  I'm not going to go back to where I left off, because thinking of myself as being "behind" my twenty weeks is going to make me not want to do this.  I know me.

What I've decided to do is to just start where I am now.  Even if I just go forward from here, I will still get half the year done.  I do want to go backwards from this point though and see if I can get "caught up" in that manner.  Going through all the photos I've taken the past few months I came to a realization.  Not only have I been slacking, oh, EVERYWHERE else in my life, but I haven't even really been taking pictures.  Not even with my phone!  There were weeks with literally one or two photos, and a lot of those aren't even anything I'd normally include on my pages.

The solution?  Combine weeks.  I'm just going to work with what I have and not stress about it.  As long as I'm documenting something, that's what counts, right?  So I present to you my latest Project Life pages.

Left side:

I stuck with my hybrid style for these.  Some cards are done entirely in Photoshop, and some I did with paper and adhesive.  The digital cards were printed out by my local photo developer and trimmed to fit my page.  Some digital cards had embellishments added after printing.

For example, I added a strip of washi tape to this one before sticking it to the page.  The design for this card was lifted from acharmed1 on Instagram. She posts GREAT pages.

Right side:

More of the same.  I found these little 2" x 4" journaling card tablets by We R Memory Keepers at Target that are proving to be very handy.  They provide the perfect strip of writing space when using a 4" x 4" photo on one of the 4" x 6" spaces and they're super cute.  They're only a couple of bucks and you get 36 double sided cards, which is nice.  I like options.  

I like to put my digital cards on here so you can get a better look at them.  Click on any photo to make it bigger.

The journaling card on this card isn't one of mine.  I know I found it on Pinterest but cannot for the life of me remember where.  If you know, could you let me know in the comments so I can give credit?  Thanks!

***EDITED TO ADD:  Thank you Amanda!  The card is by Traci Reed and can be found here.***

Of course, digi scrapping means I'm making backgrounds for those digi scrapped cards, and having already made backgrounds means I have printables for you!  I know it's been a long while - thank you so much to those of you who patiently stuck around and waited for me!  Some of these are from the next layout I plan to post, but that one needs one more photo to be printed before it's complete.

These can be found by becoming a fan of my Facebook page. These are free for personal use only. Please do not pin them to Pinterest directly from the hosting site. Enjoy!

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Blogger L.B. said...

Your cute cards are so much fun. I can not wait to use them on my PL things and share your site with others thanks for these freebies.

7:38 PM  

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