Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Birthday Cards for Days!

I've always wanted to be one of those people who sends all their friends cards on their birthdays.  I know how much I love to get mail - especially fun stuff like cards!  However, I am sort of unorganized for that sort of thing.  Also, I am too cheap to buy cards.  With the amount of paper and paper crafting stuff in my house, it would just be wrong!  

However, after this weekend, I am all stocked up on cards!  Once again I hit up my Pinterest inspiration boards and got to work today.  Now all I have to do is remember to actually mail these.  :)

I bought this stamp today at Hobby Lobby.  They had a bunch of them for 50% off today!  I got her and a large chevron background stamp.  The Paper Studio embossing folders were 50% off too so I grabbed four.  The design for this card was inspired by this one.  I watched a video on Kristina Werner's blog and came to the realization that I had been using my watercolor pencils all wrong.  I colored this image using my new-found knowledge and I just love it!

I picked up a few more rolls of washi tape this weekend, including two rolls of the CUTEST Hello Kitty washi!  I made this card inspired by one of these.  Very quick and simple.  The sentiment is one of those dollar stamps from Michael's.

Gotta have some gender-neutral ones in the stash, right?  The inspiration for this card can be found here.

I think this card is so pretty.  It has a soft sort of vintage feel to it.  I used a few different colors of Distress Ink and a stippling brush to age the edges of the paper.  The heart was cut freehand from a Starbucks cup sleeve!  The insides are the perfect corrugated texture.  I'd never use it in a scrapbook because it's not acid free, but with cards I feel like anything goes.  The card I used as the jumping point for this one is here.

Here is the same image from the first card, only colored in slightly differently.  I loved all the colors in this card so much that I actually didn't put it in my stash, but rather hung it up in my craft room.  The flags are washi on white cardstock that I cut a border around.  I got the idea for this one from here.  This is the only one that I didn't make doubles of, which is too bad because it's my favorite.

Another gender-neutral card!  I love the simplicity of this, but I think I need a bigger star punch.  The original can be seen here.

This was the last one I made.  I was going to go to bed, but then I saw this and next thing I knew I had busted out the sticker tweezers for those little letters.This is another fairly simple card, but I think it's cute.  My inspiration card can be seen here.

And that's it!  My three day weekend is over and I have to go back to work tomorrow (HAHAHA) because my husband won't be here to distract little people.  This has been the best weekend I've had in ages.  I got to go shopping for some fun new supplies, got in a little one on one time with each of my kids, got to play with paper and ink, visited Starbucks TWICE, got plenty of rest and just was pretty happy in general.  My husband is so awesome for letting me take this time.  I'm a lucky girl.  :)

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Blogger Rodi said...

So impressed with your productivity!!!!

4:30 AM  

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