Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More baby clothes

On Sunday we attended a birthday party for one of Bubba's friends from playgroup.  I love these things because the kids get to run around like fools and burn off some of that crazy toddler energy they seem to have in excess.  The party was pretty early, so by the time it was done a little after noon we still had all day to do stuff.  We tossed around ideas like going to the zoo, but who are we kidding?  I don't have the energy or stamina for that sort of thing yet.  Last week we went to the Walmarts and I had to take a break halfway across the store because I was tired!  

So, we decided to hit up a couple of Goodwills.  I would like a few more maternity tops, and another pair of pants wouldn't hurt either.  Seriously, I cannot bring myself to pay $30 for an article of clothing I know I won't really love and am only going to wear for less than six months.  The older I get, the cheaper I get I guess, because when I was pregnant with Bubba I bought a $200 pair of jeans!!!  Of course, then we had dual incomes and a smaller overhead, but still.

I didn't find anything for me, but I did find another Polo shirt for Bubba.  Gotta love getting a Ralph Lauren shirt for $3 when I know they retail for almost ten times that much!  Even at a consignment shop I would have paid about ten for it.  Kick butt.

I also (big surprise here) scored a few more things for Miss Kelly.  Considering the fact I hit three stores and only found six things, as opposed to a few weeks ago when I hit four and got 21 tells you how lucky I got that day!

A pair of Ralph Lauren footie pajamas, size six months.  These hopefully will fit her just in time for the weather to cool off.

The only Newborn sized thing I've bought so far.  This is seriously TINY.  The underpants are separate from the top and have two rows of ruffles across the bum.  Perfect for my June baby.  From Carters.

Pink gingham dress, size 0-3 months.  That scalloped hem is precious!  This had the original tags on it too, which means it's never been worn.

Pink vintage dress, no tag.  I love the smocking on this.

Carter's one piece romper.  Pink and green and nice and cool for when it's still 100 degrees out in October. I'm liking these onesies that are disguised as dresses, but not the ones that are jersey knit.  This one is a cotton... what would you call it?  Calico?  Well, like the dresses.  Not stretchy at all.  No stupid words or little animals on it.  I hate when an otherwise precious piece of clothing is ruined by a little label proclaiming "I <3 MOMMY!!!"  Yuck.

Best find of the day?

Oh yeah.  That right there is genuine Lilly Pulitzer.  I was just telling Muffy Martini on Twitter last week that Miss Kelly needed some Lilly in her life, and the Goodwill angels heard me.  It's pink and green and has the cutest little monkeys in the print. I think the print is called Mommy and me and is in perfect condition.  LOVE.  And it was only three bucks!  They retail for about $50 new, but that's with the matching bloomers included.  Unfortunately, those were nowhere to be found, but I'll live for that savings, you know?  Besides, they were just plain solid pink and not the matching fabric, so I'm sure I can just find plain pink ones somewhere.  Ooh... or maybe white with a pink monogram?

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Blogger kellybelly said...

A little girl named Kelly born in June. That is my birthday month as well. How exciting! Congratulations! It looks like she will be a well dressed little lady.

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