Thursday, February 03, 2011

Casa de Fehling

I've been calling this house "Casa de Fehling" (Fehling's house) since we moved in. I had this idea to make a wall sign for a while to show that this was now really our home.

We have something called the Habitat for Humanity ReStore near here that sells old building supplies really cheaply. I bought a drawer front there for a dollar. I don't know what kind ofwood it is, but it's super thick and heavy as all get out. I liked that the edges were already done and routed so I didn't have to try and figure a way to give it visual interest on my own.

I used the same technique I used on the bedtime routine canvas in my bathroom for most of this. The white lettering is just the vinyl stuck on top after everything else was done.

The green letters are done with leftover paint from my craft room/bathroom wall projects. The black is actually Krylon's Oil Rubbed Bronze. After it dried I roughed up some of the edges with a little bit of sandpaper and stuck the white vinyl into place. A few sawtooth hangers were added to the back and VOILA!

I love how it looks over the door.

On Saturday morning, before we had to go get my sister in law from the airport, I headed to a flea market that was being held in the parking lot at the nearby antique mall. I found a few awesome things, but one of my favorites were these earrings:

They're vintage sterling silver earrings with screwbacks. I was a bit nervous about them because I've bought clip ons before and they HURT. I thought maybe with silver I'd have a chance. I asked the saleslady how much they were, and she told me $20. I told her never mind, it was too much for my budget. She mentioned that they were sterling, and I told her I knew, but still had to pass because honestly, how often would I wear these? She asked me what the most I would have been willing to pay for them was, and I told her ten dollars.


I just adore these old silver earrings. They tinkle when you touch them and as long as I don't screw in the post too tight, they don't hurt at all! Hooray!

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Blogger Kat said...

I know this isn't the point but i LOVE THE RED LIPSTICK ;) How very stylin' of ya.

3:42 PM  
Blogger Samara Link said...

Wow, Sara. You are so good. I love the over-the-door personalized project you did. That you found that wood drawer front for a dollar and turned it into that is amazing. Great job! It's really cute ... I love the "established 2003" part. And the earrings are awesome ... especially at half the asking price. It's nice to have pretty things around you to remind you you're beautiful and worth it. Fun post. :)

11:35 AM  

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