Thursday, August 07, 2008

Nursery update

My husband and I did a little work in our baby area. First off, remember those papier mache letters I was altering? Well, they've ACTUALLY been done for over a month now, but I hadn't actually gotten around to hanging them until last night. Oops.

My husband confessed a couple of days ago that he lived in mortal fear of stepping on them (I had laid them out on the floor in front of the crib to decide on the placement) so I knew it was time. Of course, I had to be a show off-y ass and try to hang them in an arc instead of just putting them on the wall straight across like a normal person.

I hung them using the super velcro that I used for all of the altered "f"s in the scraproom, and that stuff will NOT come off without bringing a little paint with it. The first time I put them up, there were some way crooked letters, so some had to come down and be respaced, resulting in my having to fix gaping paint boo boos. The E is still a little crooked, but you know what? I'm okay with it. I'm not spot fixing any more paint.

My mother in law bought us the dresser we picked out. She ordered it this weekend and it came yesterday! None of us could believe it! My husband and I put it together last night. We bought some pretty green Contact paper and covered the bottoms of the drawers before assembling them. It's so cute!

She also ordered the changing table top and pad that go on top, but those were only available on the manufacturer's site (who wanted $50 more for the dresser! Screw them!) so we'll probably be waiting a bit longer on those.

This morning I went through the boxes and bags of baby clothes that we've purchased, and sorted them into the drawers:

I didn't take all the tags off yet. I figured I'd do that when I washed them closer to delivery time. I'm going to put diapers in one of the smaller top drawers, since I really am not a big fan of those diaper stacker things. The other drawer has bibs and hats. While I was organizing, I also sorted and put away all the books that my old boss gave me for the baby. She had a bunch of nice, sturdy board books in there, which is cool since I only had three!

We talked about it, and our next baby purchases will be the carseat and the crib mattress. We're getting close now! The baby had hiccups this morning, and last night, he was practicing slow stretches instead of the regular fast and hard kicks. It was so cool to watch my stomach sloooooowly stretch out in one area, and then go back just as slowly. He's starting to run out of room in there!

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Blogger Colleen said...

Very cool! The room looks great and love the letters you did! great name too!! :)

5:25 PM  
Blogger Krissynae said...

The room looks great. So Cheery. The letters amazing. Great jobs

6:13 PM  
Blogger kingsqueen said...

Looks great! :) I love the letters and the way you arc'd them. It would've taken me forty forevers to get that perfect - and I wouldn't have been able to stop until it was!

7:10 PM  
Blogger Suzy said...

Hey! I'm not OLD! (Ok, well so what if I am..._

Awesome room!!

9:21 PM  
Blogger She Who Waits... said...

What a great nursery! I love the colors : )

I have advice on the baby clothes btw. My advice is to just wash what the newborn will need and just maybe a weeks worth at that "Just" incase you have what happened to me and that was he was about 4-5lbs bigger than we'd expected so the newborn stuff didn't fit and he was "supposed" to be a she ; )

8:47 AM  
Blogger mademoisellechitchat said...

CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you!! ;) The bread looks heavenly.

5:59 PM  
Blogger Zee said...

AW! It looks so cute in there! And I'm having a big chuckle over those pink bunny slippers...ummmm you said boy right?...LOL.

Did I ever post the pictures of Asa in the brown bunny jacket my SIL gave him...cracks me up every time I see them. He's crying and in one he's holding his hand out as if to say "Please stop taking my picture!" LMAO!

11:48 AM  

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