Thursday, August 07, 2008

Mad at them, Mad at me

I am so done with my mommy board.

I joined a gift exchange there a month or two ago. You were supposed to send a present to someone that they drew for you, and then someone else would send you something. This way, your gift giver was a suprise until the reveal day.

*The deadline to mail your package was July 30.
*A full week before the deadline I get an email saying that I have a private message on the board.
*One of the three organizers is asking where I am, where is my package, and am I still participating? If so , they need my tracking number to verify my shipment.
*I check the board, and there is a thread asking "Has anyone seen Miss M?" and stating that my partner doesn't want to mail me a package because no one has heard from me lately and no one has been able to get a hold of me.
*The person who started the thread (another of the organizers) had just pm'd me a few days before to ask me a question about cakes, to which I sent a reply. To me, this means not only was SOMEONE able to get ahold of me, SHE was able to get ahold of me.

So I'm like, I thought I had till the 30th, what the heck is all this about? Why are people acting like I flaked (I've done MANY online swaps in the past) if I still have time? Also, you can't really contact someone, unless you , you know, make an effort to contact them!

*They tell me that they were getting tracking numbers from EVERYONE.
*They say that everyone who hadn't posted that they sent their package already got a PM
*I didn't see any posts by anyone else saying that they had sent a package.
*I didn't see any posts asking where anyone else was.
*They say they were "worried" about me.

Sounded like it.

So, I box up my stuff, send it freaking expensive UPS so I can get a tracking number, and sit back to wait for my own package. The one I sent was delivered on the 31st, one day after they were due to be sent out. By Tuesday, I hadn't received anything, so I checked the board. There was a thread asking who had gotten a package. I check to be sure my partner had, and she did. I check back on Wednesday, and the thread is now two pages, and the updated list in the first post is very long. I'm thinking, not good. So I post, that I didn't receive anything yet. The first organizer says she'll look into the tracking. Then I find out that oops, no one bothered to get a tracking number from my partner after all.

I check back this morning, and more people checked in that they got packages. Okay. I ask, am I the only one who hasn't? Then I put, haha, kinda ironic, huh? :) Well, I get TWO rude responses from the other two organizers.

*Okay, I wasn't mad about it, I know things can get held up. Hence, haha AND :)
*They told me they had required tracking numbers from EVERYONE.
*No one has heard from my partner apparently.
*No one has started a thread asking where my partner is either.

I'm starting to think that hey, maybe I have the right to be a little bit irritated at this point. I was singled out, quite obviously, they got caught in a lie about checking with everyone and making everyone turn in their tracking numbers and now they are being bitchy to ME because I point out the irony?

To make matters worse -

I find out that I'm a complete moron.

I was looking at my Babies R Us registry, and I happen to notice that it says I'm in Mesa. I think, that's not right, so I log in and check my shipping address. Oh yeah, I had it set up so that I would get packages at WORK, since I would be at WORK all day. Somehow, in the midst of:

*other people losing their babies
*my OCD kicking in hardcore about how that may pertain to ME and my odds, and all the what ifs
*having to quit my job in a really crappy manner
*contracting shingles
*having to worry about my husband getting chicken pox of all the stupid things from my shingles
*trying to get ready to go on a trip (have I mentioned how terrified I am of airplanes?)
*worrying about the outcome of my glucose tolerance test (also really hate needles)
*finding out that I'm severely anemic, to the point where my doctor actually threatened me with blood transfusions
*getting VERY sick from the first set of iron supplements

And oh yeah, this whole mess with the swap - yeah, it seems like I kinda forgot to change my address. Crap. So then, another thought occurs to me. I go and check the PM that I sent at the beginning of my swap with all my information, and you guessed it - the work address is what I listed.

So, I may have gotten that package after all. I still may have not gotten it. That's my own stupid fault. It does not, however, relieve them from the fact that they were supposedly to be getting tracking numbers from everyone and didn't, so we can't even check. Unfortunately, by the time I realized what I had done, the shipping and receiving manager had gone home for the day. I left her a message, but I won't know if she's seen anything for me until tomorrow.

I'm so pissed - at them, at myself. Mostly myself at this point. I mean, I signed up for this thinking it would be something fun. Since I was thinking that I was not going to get to have a real baby shower, I figured, hey, at least this way I get a fun surprise in the mail. Who doesn't like fun surprises? In all honesty though, I'm ready to just say screw it. So I'm out the $30 it cost me for the gifts and shipping. My own stupid fault. I hope the person to who I sent the gift enjoys what I sent her and her baby.

I shouldn't have to be so stressed to the point where I cry over some stupid people on the internet that I've never even met. I'll just go buy my OWN damn present. At least I can live with knowing that I can be honest with myself when I totally screw something up and admit my mistakes!



Blogger Hooptee said...

Ughh... I'm so sorry you had a crappy experience with the gift swap. I've been so hesitant to join any of these types of things (with scrapping too) because of these stories. I hope you find you have lots of cool packages waiting for you at your old job!

6:01 AM  
Blogger Devon said...

Aw I'm sorry. It sounds like they were singling you out. I don't blame you for cutting ties. I'm sorry you are upset but don't be mad at yourself.

On a happier note the nursery looks great!! I love the letters. Poor Jacob, his are still white!

10:11 AM  
Blogger Maggi said...

Aw, Sara... I hope you don't mind I check your blog. I miss you on the boards. I, too, am thinking of leaving; there are some women on there that just rub me the wrong way. Sadly, I don't think that cyber shower was run very well, and it really irks me that your partner never bothered to leave a tracking number, when it specifically stated we needed one... I went out of my way to get one at the post office ("And you're absolutely certain that sending it that way has a tracking number?"), and it sounds like you did, too. Really, that board brings more stress than anything else, lately; like you, I suffer from GAD (probably OCD, too, but I've never been formally diagnosed), and don't need the extra source of worry. I should probably just quit now. I wish you all the best, and hope I can talk to you soon; you can email me whenever. Or not. That's okay, too. ((HUGS))

12:37 PM  

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