Saturday, June 21, 2008

We have cribbage!

In the box...

I'll admit, when we got the darn thing open and I saw all the parts, and all the little pieces of hardware, I was a bit overwhelmed. I'm the furniture assembler in this house too, but it seemed like a LOT of stuff!

Directions, parts, packing material... this made a MESS. We're going to be vacuuming styrofoam bits for a while.

My husband performing one of his first "daddy duties". Such concentration!

The view from my bed this morning. It's so trippy to see a flipping CRIB in my bedroom! There's still this little part of me that is like, is this real? Is this really happening? OMG, a baby, US???

It sure is pretty though. It's got a little trundle drawer underneath which is nice. I stuck some blankets and the changing pad covers down there. I have plenty of room still for other things. I also got a set of cute little baskets at Target (one was in my mockup). I put the larger one under the side table and put the soft toys we've gotten so far inside. The smaller of the two is on the bookshelf and is full of stupid hats. I love me some stupid baby hats!

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