Friday, June 13, 2008

Party at my Crib!

There are certain things you do, that bring you a little bit closer to "whoa, this is REALLY happening!!!" Ordering a crib is definitely one of them.
I was so nervous to click the submit button after entering all of my information! In about a week and a half, we'll be the proud owners of a CRIB!!! Like, for a BABY!!! My husband is putting a second coat of blue on the wall (I was wondering why it looked so bad when he confessed to one coat) and we'll put up a chair rail and the wallpaper border tomorrow. I also have the side table to assemble that will go next to the crib. I'm so excited!!!

I was sort of pleasantly surprised when I realized that the trundle storage was included in the price. I thought it was an extra optional thing, but nope, that's part of the deal. A little extra storage is always handy, especially in a small apartment. The crib skirt will mostly hide it, I think. I plan on keeping extra changing pad covers and sheets in there.

Now, as for how we'll get it from the office to our UPSTAIRS apartment is anyone's guess.

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