Sunday, June 15, 2008

22 weeks

Everyone keeps asking, are you SURE it's not twins???

I'm HUGE. I'm just gonna get MORE HUGE. It's funny, because when I look down, it doesn't seem so bad. Then I pass by a mirror, and I'm like, Holy Crap! I met a girl at work who was as far along as me, and honestly, if she hadn't told me she was expecting I would have just thought she was a little chubby.

What am I growing in here? Could Sawyer end up being an offensive lineman after all?

In other news, we worked on the nursery some more.

We bought the curtains I've been admiring at Pottery Barn Kids, hung the chair rail (you should have seen me with the back saw at Home Depot cutting it to length!), put up the border, and assembled the little Ikea table. My sweet ironing husband even ironed the curtains before we hung them up, after my feeble attempts at wrinkle reduction with the dryer failed miserably.

I've had to make some minor changes to my plan though. The border/chair rail combo is a little wider than I thought, and I had to hang it a bit higher due to the light switch, so if I hang the two photos on the wall they'll be too high and it will look funny. Instead, I'm going to nix the lamp (don't really need it, it was just cute) and put one photo on the table. I also found some papier mache letters in a nice font at JoAnn that I'm going to decorate to hang on the wall. I just need to pick papers.

Here's the bookshelf with the curtain next to it. The rod and the finials are from Ikea as well.
I made a little bulletin board to hang cards for the baby. We looked around for one, but other than a Hannah Montana one at Target, there were no upholstered French memo boards to be found! Instead, I picked up a four foot pine plank at Home Depot ($5) and had the guy there saw it in half for me. I bought a half yard each of blue fabric with pale yellow stars and plain batting at Walmart ($3.50 for both) and a spool of green ribbon ($2). I covered the board with the batting and the fabric using a staple gun, added the ribbon, and some buttons that I already had in my scrapping stash, using a hot glue gun. To hang it, I put two eye screws in the back (also in the stash) and twisted some wire through (okay, my crafting stash is HUGE).

This project cost me about $10, and I still have the other piece of the board so I could make another one if I wanted.

While we were at Babies R Us picking up the border, we happened to see this adorable blanket, and I HAD to get it. It wasn't even an option to pass it by, seriously:

When it's opened up, it says "I'm a Rock Star" and has little lightening bolts. Very AC/DC. And, although we swore that we were on a baby clothes shopping hiatus...

These were too cute to resist at Target. We have a King of the Jungle romper ( to go with the cute Lion hat we got at Gymboree), some striped jammies (will go with other stuff we've already purchased in that color scheme, and some musical instrument jammies.

Someone on Justmommies posted these a week or two ago, and I knew I had to get a pair. They are just too freaking adorable! I looked at a few other Targets before coming across these yesterday. They were the only ones there too. SCORE!

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Blogger emily said...

I love the blanket and clothes. I've always been a sucker for baby clothes with personality...not just the traditional sort. The room is so sweet!

1:06 PM  
Blogger em said...

Yes my dear you are definitely pregnant! :) But you look great!!

2:41 PM  
Blogger BMT said...

You look great!!! I used to hate those 'are you sure it's not twins' comments..ugh...The room is adorable and the rock star blanket is just too adorable!!! Sawyer is one lucky little guy!!!

2:21 PM  
Blogger kingsqueen said...

ugh - I hated the "twins" comments. In fact, there was a guy at my old church who used to ask how the TRIPLETS were doing every time I walked in the room. I finally told him that if there was more than one in there that he was getting the other two! LOL
He stopped commenting after that.

Love the blanket and the baby clothes (hope you are buying more than just the little sizes!!) And the room is looking really good.

4:12 PM  
Blogger Zee said...

You look fantastic! Made go back and look at my pics and ya, uh, you're tummy is bigger than mine was...hehehe.

10:47 AM  

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