Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nice Package!

Cake class tonight! We made fondant roses and learned how to decorate a cake so it looked like a present.

My bow is lopsided, because I forgot to put the streamers on until AFTER I made it, so I had to pick it off, attach the streamers, and then re-attach the bow. Oops.

This is a cherry chocolate chip cake (new recipe, found on Cake Central) with Wilton buttercream, topped with Wilton fondant. The shell border is more buttercream. I love shell borders. If you learn nothing else, learn a shell border because it covers a lot of sins and makes things look more finished, if you ask me!

There were supposed to be little white flower cutouts on the sides of this as well, but we ran out of time. The more ambitious members of the class will make them at home and attach them later. I will not be among them!

Sawyer was kicking off and on during class... I think he's gonna like cake.

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Blogger em said...

Yum it looks awesome!

5:43 AM  
Blogger EatCrayons said...

Whoa, I couldn't cut into that cake, it's so pretty. I imagine it's super yummy though! Cherry chocolate chip cake, good grief! *drool*

7:03 AM  

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