Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Been Shopping

Every book that I've been reading has said that some of the most indispensable items that you can buy for your baby are sleeping gowns with elastic bottoms. See, if they are wearing one of these at night, and need a diaper change, all you have to do is pull them up, change the diaper, and pull them back down. No snaps or buttons to fuss with when you're both drowsy and it's the middle of the night. Of course, all this convenience is null and void in the case of a blowout. Then you're on your own.

My problem is, I tend to not prefer things in very pale shades of pastels, and I don't like items with cutesy characters all over them. Unfortunately, this rules out a good potion of the sleeping gowns that I've come across! Everything is pale pastel, with little dogs or stars or some sort of baby motif all over it. I know that most people like that stuff, but it's just not me.

Then, as I was reading a magazine, I came across these:
They're made by a company in Seattle called Kate Quinn Organics. Granted the ones pictured are not the most... um... pretty? colors, but I liked the simple design, the way the sleeves folded over to make little mittens, the fact that they were not only solid colored, but saturated with richer colors, and the kicker? Organic cotton. Oh yeah. So, I went ahead and ordered three of them for my jelly bean. (I skipped the hats though) Two in different shades of green (Basil with Clover trim and Clover with Vanilla trim, according to the website) and one in Vanilla with a Chocolate brown trim. Yummy. I got them in size 3-6 months for two reasons:

1) You just don't buy size "newborn" until your baby is here and you're sure that's it's size (watch me have a big baby and a closet of teeny tiny clothes), exception being multiples, of course. If things are a little too big, no sweat, it will fit in a couple of weeks, and sleeves can be rolled up. Better to get your money's worth than just to wear an item for a week or two, right?


2) That was the only size they had in the colors I wanted (I got a three pack as it was a bit cheaper)

They came in the mail today. They're every bit just as nice as they looked in the photos on the website (I worry about that with shopping online). I loooove the colors. The only problem?

They're freaking HUGE! I'm talking I could probably put one on an 18 month old and it would fit okay. Holy crap, poor Sawyer is gonna be swimming in these things! Of course, they're only for sleep, so maybe it will be okay, but I was seriously cracking up when I pulled one of them out and unfolded it to look.

So, if you want to order some, by all means, do so. They seem awesome so far. You can even use "thanks" as a coupon code to save 15% off your order. Just do yourself a favor, and order a size down.

In other shopping news (it's a sickness, I tell you) I bought myself a Juicy Couture tracksuit yesterday. No worries - it's solid black, no "JUICY" in giant letters across my ass, no silk screened crowns festooned with rhinestones on the jacket. Plain, solid, comfy black terry cloth, as befitting a woman of my age. I'm not 17 anymore! They say new moms live in their sweats, and if I'm gonna do that, at least it will be in a slightly more stylish way.

Besides, the only sweats I have are ones from college with my sorority letters across the butt. So not chic at ALL.

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Blogger Zee said...

Granted Asa is a giant baby, even though he came out tiny, but the one thing I will say, and it sounds cliche, but is so true. They grow SO freakin fast! I swear with Asa he had all these large clothes and then over night he didn't fit half of them. I still have 3-6 month clothes with tags on them that he out grew before he had a chance to wear. The one bit of advice I would give new moms is buy big and roll up the sleeves and legs. 3 months is nothing and flies by and then you have all these clothes that no longer fit. And many days at that age, I didn't bother dressing him up, all he did was sleep so sleepers were his So you'll get some good wear out of those sleeping gowns!

I actually preferred the sleep sacks to the open bottom ones, but it's all personal choice. Changing a diaper is changing a diaper, you master it regardless of what they're wearing...hehehe.

P.S. I hear ya on the cutesy stuff. Asa had very little baby blue items, and those he did have were most likely gifts. :)

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