Friday, February 15, 2008


I've decided to call it Bubba. Bubba the Zygote. In a week, Bubba will be upgraded to Bubba the embryo. It just feels WRONG to call it "It" and Bubba is not technically a baby yet, so Bubba it is.

Yeah, I'm weird.

I told my husband a few years ago that if we couldn't have children that I wanted to adopt a baby from China and name it Bubba so that it would be the only Chinese baby in the world named Bubba. He said he didn't know how his mother was going to feel about that.

It's really kind of weird for me, because I don't have a mom or any family I can turn to for guidance in this. Even though I am thirty, and all of my friends (using the term as loosely as possible here) are in about the same age range, I'm the first one to do this. Who do I talk to? Where do I turn for answers or advice?

My good friend the Internet, that's where.

I joined a site called babyzone, and they have week by week break downs of what is happening and what you might be feeling and why. It has a little blurb just for dads and a fun fact too. I learned that even though according to the date when we concieved it's only been 2 1/2 weeks, according to general opinion I am already almost five weeks because they base it on the first day of your last period. See, I didn't know that!

That means, Bubba is the size of a raisin and trying to get comfortable right about now. Nice.

I've also thought about the whole blog thing, and was it the right thing to do to post about it here? I thought about it, and really, at it's most basic function, my blog is for me. It's my journal and it says so right there on the sidebar. I don't use it to let family across the country know how I am, or to meet people (although, I sort of have) or anything like that. So, even though you usually want to wait until 10 - 12 weeks to start blabbing, you'd write about something like this in your journal as soon as you found out, right?

So there you go.

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Anonymous Jess said...

Congratulations and all the best for you and "Bubba". ;) I like the sound of it too.

12:36 PM  
Blogger Linda said...

Congratulations! I think Bubba is a cute name.

5:23 PM  
Blogger Lida said...

Congratulations again and I think Bubba is the perfect name!!

10:36 AM  

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