Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's the most horrible time of the year

Yeah, I know I live in Arizona. I know it's hot. (87 is not that hot, I know. This is more about another number on the display) I know I hate to be hot. There's only one thing worse than being hot:

Being SWEATY and hot.

People have a tendency to like to say that we have a "dry" heat here in Arizona. Yeah sure, most of the summer, it is a "dry" heat, but then again, so is an oven, and you don't see people hanging around inside those very often!

The part you don't really hear about is the humidity. Sure, folks like to talk about the monsoons. We get these really great summer thunderstorms that cause flash flooding, blow down trees, and cover everything in a huge layer of dust. People like to refer to these storms as monsoons.

Well, they're not.

Monsoons are winds that change direction seasonally. Sure, a lot of the time these winds may blow in a storm or two, but the WIND is the monsoon, not the storm.

The thing about monsoon season is that while we may get these really really cool storms, we also get this really really gross humidity. Granted, 54% humidity may not seem like a lot to some people (hello people living on the coasts!), to folks who usually operate at 0% to 5% humidity, it's KILLER.

I'm sticky, I'm sweaty, I just feel gross. Thank God for air conditioning. I don't know how I survived my childhood with just swamp coolers!


Blogger melissa said...

uggghhh I was so humid and gross :(

I 2nd the love for air conditioning

11:28 PM  

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