Sunday, March 11, 2007

It's been so long...

that everyone probably has forgotton who I am!

This past week all I did was sleep, go to work, and eat junk food. Seriously. I ate out more in the past week than I have all year! I haven't really had any problems with getting out of bed in the morning, which really surprised me. It's just that by the time I get home my body is like, I am DONE! and all I can think about is going to bed. The last thing I want to do is cook, so we hit Wendy's twice, Burger King once, and had Chinese takeout. It's soooo bad! One day, I actually went to bed at 7:30.

The job is great. Everyone seems okay so far, and nothing seems overly hard or challenging, which is nice, seeing as how I am lazy and all. My feet have been sore all week, as they are used to either being barefoot or shod in flip flops and Crocs all the time. Real shoes have not been an easy transition. I've hit every shoe store in two malls, plus several Ross's (?), a couple of Marshalls, and a DSW. I end up finding shoes I like that are comfy and cute in every size but the one I need. BOOO!!! It's hard also because it's spring, so there are a lot of sandals and open toed shoes out there right now, and neither one is suitable for what I need.

I also wore out the same amount of stores looking for a watch. You don't have a real grown up job or any responsibilities in a day, why wear a watch? I wanted a cute one, that wasn't too big, that was SIMPLE, and not too shiny. That's apparently a tall order to fill, but I did find a cute DKNY one on Friday finally that fit the bill. It was on sale too, for only $45! Kick butt.

I get an hour for my lunch break, which I don't think I've ever had before. An hour is a LONG time! Luckily, I work, literally, across the street from a mall, so I just went shopping every day. That's pretty kick butt too. Because it's a hotel, the kitchen provides lunch for the employees, and it's really good, not your standard cafeteria fare. Best part? It's FREE! There is always sandwich fixings, a salad bar, two entrees and two sides to choose from. There is a fridge with a variety of desserts, fruit, and a soda fountain. If you get hungry and the food isn't there yet, or it's been cleaned up for the day, fret not! You can order room service! You just have to go fetch it yourself, but the kitchen is really not that far. Add to that bagels in the executive office (where I work) and pizza on Fridays... I had better be careful or I'm gonna get really fat really fast! I gained a half pound last week. BOO.

So, what am I doing? My title is Business Center Attendant, but I can tell you that I've only been in the business center twice so far, for a couple of minutes each time. I'm more of a receptionist/admin assistant for the executive offices. I make the coffee, distribute faxes, send out Fed Ex stuff, order supplies, transcribe security reports, make the welcome letters for the VIP's... simple busy work. I help any guests that come in with whatever they need, and also get requests from the various managers for odd jobs here and there, so it shouldn't get boring. It's regular hours (8-5) Monday through Friday, so no nights or weekends like if I had gotten stuck in a call center.

I've been out shopping not just for shoes and a watch, but also for clothes. You wear t-shirts and jeans for almost 2 years and your wardrobe apparently suffers. I had a few tops I could wear in my closet, but they needed to be washed because they were dusty! I've also been on the hunt for pants. So far, they either come halfway up to my neck or they barely cover my ass crack. Seriously, no one can make pants that land somewhere in the middle of those 8 inches? It's craziness.

Other than all that, and just trying to adjust to the routine, nothing else has really happend. Yesterday I went to the cosmetics trend show at Nordstrom, and got a facial and a makeover. We went to a Korean festival downtown but is was LAME, so we went to the mall instead. I tried on 50 pairs of pants, as many shirts, and I think about 100 different shoes. It felt that way anyway. I left with TWO (2) blouses. That was pretty lame too.

Well, off to see if I can convince my husband to help me straighten this messy old apartment! If he doesn't clean, than neither shall I!

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Blogger em said...

So glad you're back!! I know how you feel about shoes. I need to start a store of ONLY cute/comfy shoes in all the AVERAGE sizes...the ones that are always sold out!!

8:21 PM  
Anonymous wendy said...

oh, it sounds like a great job!! Congratulations!!! You'll adjust to the hours soon, and hopefully won't be so tired anymore. Yeah, I so hear you about the clothes. When I don't "need" something, I seem to like everything I see. When I "need" something, i can't find it to save my life. murphy's law eh? at least, the shopping is hopefully fun??

3:06 PM  

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