Friday, February 23, 2007


Sometimes, labels are a bad thing.

But, sometimes, labels are a GOOD thing. Like here. I finally decided to not ignore the little "Labels for this post" box at the bottom of my screen. I went back and gave labels to all of my posts that I've done this year. I was going to go back and do ALL of my posts, but I decided that was the OCD talking and therefore crazy and unnecessary.

I may go back and do them at another time. You know, for archiving purposes.

I also think I want to re-do my sidebar. It's just not appealing to me anymore. I haven't decided just what I am doing with it yet though. Expect that to change sometime in the near future.

On the job hunting front, I got one interview set up (declined though, it was 40 miles EACH WAY to work!), one phone call for a call center job (declined, they wanted someone who was very "sports savvy"), one request for an application based on my resume (thank you Career Builder!) and...

drumroll please...

a phone call from the school. Apparently, the way to get them to call you is to decide that you don't want to work there after all. They will pick up on those psychic brainwaves and call you tout suite! Obviously, I told them I was no longer interested. I was tempted to set up the interview, seeing as how I waited so long for it, and how I really need a job, and how it would be in the field I'm getting my degree in... but I knew it wasn't right. My luck, evil Snarly Former Fifth Grade Teacher would have been on my interview panel ! Screw that!

So, if I can get all that interest in less than 24 hours of looking seriously, well, maybe there is hope for me yet.

Tonight, for dinner I made chicken curry. I haven't made this in years, and I forgot how freaking good it is! Best part: one cup curry and one cup rice is only 8 points. Not too shabby, because it totally doesn't taste like it's that low in points and it's fabulous comfort food, with the potatoes and carrots and warmness and goodness...

I'm jealous my husband has the leftovers earmarked for his lunch tomorrow!

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Blogger Janeen said...

first of all (((HUGS))) to you, you certainly need one. second, it sounds like you have had one crapola week and I'm sorry...I don't know so much if I'd call your Mom back, but that's gotta be up to you and if you can handle whatever she might be going through...good luck. last, chicken curry...hmmm...not sure if I remember liking this or not...sounds good though.

1:15 PM  
Blogger em said...

I'm impressed you labeled everything!! Good luck with the job hunt..I know how rough it is!

12:21 PM  

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