Thursday, March 01, 2007

Picky eater

My dog Gidget has a really funny way of eating. For some reason, it bothers her to have to eat directly out of her bowl. Her preferred method involves picking up a mouthful of food, carrying it into either the living room or hallway, spitting it all out, then eating the kibble one piece at a time. When that particular mouthful of food is gone, then she will make her way back to the bowl for more. I figure at least this way she's getting a little bonus exercise in, right?

Well, the other dog, Leila, is my itchy dog. I was talking to the owner of the dog bakery where I buy her food, and she recommended this fish and sweet potato formula of food for her. I bought a small bag, to make sure the kids would eat it, and took it home.

When you switch your dog's food, you're supposed to gradually change it out over a few days so as not to upset their stomachs. This is what we did. Last night for their dinner, the kids got a mixture of the old food (Canidae) and the new food (Natural Balance). My husband came into my scraproom and says, "I think the new food is a hit with Gidget, come see!"

I go into the living room and there is Canidae scattered all over one section of the carpet. Apparently, she was dumping her mouthful on the carpet, but only eating the Nature's Balance! She left the Canidae there for Leila to pick up!



Blogger EatCrayons said...

HaHaHa..that's cute! Dogs can be so funny. :)

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

jack can eat anything. bug is the itchy one. we have debated having the allergy testing done on her but it is $450. So, we switched to Natural Choice Lamb Meal and Rice Formula. It works really well for Bug. it cleared up all the sore spots she had from scratching and has stopped 95% of her itchiness. if we give her even one bite of people food she is doomed and it takes the dog food a good week or so to reverse the itching again.


5:15 PM  

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