Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Craptricks Day!

Another long week. It's been stressful as hell, and not because of anything at work! I'm still having a hard time with adjusting to morning, getting my timing right. They took out the stripes on the street I drive to work, and made it one lane, so that's miserable. My husband screwed up my checking account somehow and I spent all morning on the phone with EVIL Wells Fargo trying to get it fixed, that cost me $70. I caught a cold from somewhere, so I am sick. Oh, and the kicker?

My driver's license and my debit card are HISTORY.

Went to a wine tasting on Friday night with my friend, and we had a good time. We decided to keep our own party going, so I picked up a bottle of X-Rated (Yum in a Bottle) and she got some more wine. We stopped at my place to pick up a designated driver (aka husband), you know, so I could go home eventually. I changed into my PJs and decided carrying a purse was worthless, since I was just going to her place and then home again. I passed the ID and the debit card to my husband for a "just in case" kind of thing.

Well, somewhere between stopping at the Burger King drive through (a fine Red is the perfect complement to a Whopper, FYI) and coming home the next morning, my husband lost his wallet. We didn't go anywhere else, but we've combed her house, our house, and the car, even going so far as to dismantle the seats and dumpster diving to find the BK bags from last night. It's just the craziest thing.

Of course, now we have no cash, the gas tank is empty, we have no way to access anything without ID... UGH.

I ordered a new driver's license online, which is nice, because now I don't have to spend a day missing work to go to the DMV. While I was there, I also reregistered to vote, since I officially changed my name and had yet to get around to doing it. One of the first things I had to confirm was the following statement:


That made me laugh, and I needed that. We also called the bank and had our debit cards cancelled. 5-10 business days until new ones arrive. BLAH! He only had two store credit cards in his wallet, so no actual Visa that could be used to open instant accounts anywhere, so that's good. Calling to get those cards cancelled too.

I turned a glass upside down here on the desk, maybe that will cause the wallet to turn up. It can't hurt! Even if it does turn up, we won't be able to use the debit cards, but at least we'll have ID so we can get cash from the bank teller! There's also the little detail of not being 100% sure that my husband is 100% sure of what all he has in there. What a way to end an already crappy week!

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Blogger tommiea said...

been there, done that....try doing it while your hubby is deployed!! People will think you are trying to take the all American hubby for all he is worth!!!

hope the weekend got better!!

9:22 PM  
Blogger melissa said...

uggg thats no fun, hope it turns up just so you wont have to think about what else may be in there

11:48 AM  

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