Friday, July 21, 2006

Monsoon Season

This is why Arizona weather in the summer is great:

Check it out... my county has a severe thunderstorm warning, while the two counties we are sandwiched in between have non-precipitation advisories. Hello, monsoon season!

Incidentally, it is 100 degrees out still (it was up to 117 earlier) and it seems to be pretty dang sunny from what I can see in here. Fortunately, that doesn't mean a dang thing during monsoon season. It can cloud up, pour rain, flood streets, then be sunny again all in about an hour. I've even seen it rain on one side of the street while the sun shines on the other. Wacky, huh?

My boss emailed me; two customers told her how great and helpful I was. Queen is singing about how fat-bottomed girls make the world go round on my iTunes. I came on here and saw that Katherine Brooks is reading my blog. My dogs are sleeping under the table. In this moment, I am truly happy.

I just finished a page:



Blogger melissa said...

Ah yes..wacky monsoon summer weather. :P

cute LO! your puppy is adorable :)

2:37 AM  

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