Sunday, July 16, 2006


Okay, so I was going to scrap, REALLY, but then I was thinking, Self, since it's all neat and tidy in here now, shouldn't you use this opportunity to take some pics of your scrap space? So I did. Welcome to Miss M's home base, so to speak.

Here is the door. Hee hee, yes, this is the entrance to Sarazona, population me and some little dogs. Sometimes the husband comes to visit and use the computer, but he doesn't stay long, since the bathroom here is VERY pink.

Here is the view straight from the door. You can see the computer, also known as Miss M kryptonite/time sucker, and all of it's fun accessories. On the top shelf are foam stamps in plastic document boxes (yay Target $1 spot!), small embellishments in embroidery floss boxes, and chipboard/punchout alphabets sorted into little drawers. I looooooove little drawers. Miscellaneous odds and ends are also up there, along with my big...rooster!

To the left I have more storage on a large wire shelf. I bought this a few years back (before I scrapped) at Sam's Club and it is awesome. Each shelf can hold up to 500 lbs so I never have to worry about it collapsing on me! It holds a combo of Sterilite units which I use to sort various items into themed drawers. Themes include Christmas, Dog, Wedding, Flowers, and Metal Fasteners. Good times. The top shelf is my homage to blatant consumerism. I like to believe that I am supporting the economy, okay?

You gotta love the monkey. Not only does it's tag verify the fact that we share a birthday, it is my scrapper's block immunity idol, kinda like on Survivor. It has a little chain around it's neck with a miniature pair of scissors, a mini stencil, a creative license, and a poetic license. It's holding a pack of gum that says Boys are stupid - Throw Rocks at Them - be sure to aim! I also have two Making Memories cubes on the shelf. One has ribbon:

and the other has all sorts of stuff like rub ons, tools and adhesives:

Next to that is where I cut stuff. I love this guillotine trimmer. This is another item I had from before I started scrapping. I think I was scrapping a good six months before I even thought to use it for this purpose, LOL!

I also have the Sizzix there, with some dies. Above this little pink table (which I made by the way) I have just happy things. My pink Christmas tree, decorated with toys, buttons, and other junk, a bulletin board with postcards, photos, and various odds & ends, and my little pink colander filled with little pads of patterned papers. The little yellow things are dog shoes.

To the left of there (next to the entrance) is more storage. The basket holds my scraps, sorted by color. Other items include idea books, a toaster oven for shrinky dinks and sculpey, the Xyron 510, pens, tools, etc. You like the nice view of my full laundry hamper? LOL!

On the other side of the door is my stamping area. Here the OCD is extremely evident. I have the big shelf to display the big stamps, plus any that don't fit into the categories in the little drawers. I keep the Quickutz/ZAZ stuff here, as well as all stamping paraphernalia such as inks and embossing powders. Here's a closeup of the table...

Gotta love the jar of pink M&M's and my little bottle of tequila. So me, right? The little drawers contain more rubber stamps, sorted by theme:

Under the table is the crate with my patterned paper. As I was saying in my previous post, I have kind of outgrown it a little bit. That's why there is a stack of paper on top.

Finally, the last wall is my window wall. I love this huge window. It overlooks our patio, so the sunlight is bright but not direct and harsh. I painted the quote over the top, but screwed it up and have yet to fix the error. I started to fix it, but oh well!

There are more things I love here. A chair I rescued from a garbage pile and refinished in a frog theme, the build-a-bear wearing my tiara, a crucifix I bought in Mexico, and the Old Navy overalls I bought my nephew when he was born, an idea book opened to my layout clipped to the wall, the dog's bed. It's a happy place!

On the desktop I keep the sewing machine, cardstock, Primas, and other odds & ends. I have two cutting mats which are big and very handy. The pink chair is new, I just got that at Ikea for $20. Not bad.

There you have it. That's my space. Well, not the bathroom nook, where I have even more stuff, which is hard to believe. I didn't take any pictures though because I still have to clean it. It's a MESS!

I'll leave you with my latest layout. Not my favorite, but it works for my purpose. I guess they can't all be works of art! I also added all my recent layouts to the slide thingy in the sidebar.


Blogger em said...

I LOVE your space! The pink and green rocks!! It's hard for me to say what my favorite part is!! I think I like the ribbon spools the best!!

6:57 PM  
Blogger em said...

Oops forgot!!! Great new banner!!

6:58 PM  
Blogger Sofia said...

Your space is awesome! I'm drooling over all that ribbon.

11:04 AM  

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