Thursday, July 13, 2006

Summer Lovin'

It's the truth. I hate it. Of course, there is the obvious reason why. I mean, I live in Arizona! It's flipping hot! When you're thankful that it is ONLY 105 degrees, as opposed to, oh, I don't know, 120, that's a sign that something is very, very wrong. In other parts of the country, people turn on the AC when it hits 78 degrees. That's where we SET our AC ! Craziness I tell ya.

But the other thing? The other thing I absolutely LOATHE about this time of year? Bugs. There are bugs, and lots of them. Thankfully we dont' have a mosquito problem like some places, but only because it is so flipping dry here. Oh, that reminds me. Please, don't comment to someone from this part of the world that it's a "dry heat". An oven is a dry heat too, but I don't see people hanging out in those!

Anyway, last year my enemies were the cicadas. They were EVERYWHERE! Talk about some gross, creepy bugs. This year, while they are still around, thankfully there seem to be way smaller numbers of them. This year, I have new visitors...

That's a wasp nest, and it's about a foot and a half from my front door. I've called the office of my apartment complex TWICE since it appeared last Friday. It's tripled in size since then. It's bigger now than when I took this photo this morning. I have to admit, it is kind of interesting. I haven't actually seen the wasps, but I notice that sometimes the opening is walled over with mud, and other times it is wide open. My husband joked that the wasps must be energy efficient. Part of me just wants to say to heck with it, just leave it and watch it and see how it turns out, but I know that's dangerous. I mean, they're wasps!!!

In other news... I finally did a Leila layout for the store. Blogger is being weird, and won't let me upload directly, and photobucket keeps making this small for some reason... grrr... Anyway, I love this photo:

I used my boss's Scotch ATG gun. Have you seen this thing? First of all, it's HUGE:

You could scrap for months and never have to refill it. The adhesive is acid free, which is good, but it's pretty spendy. It's also very easy to use, once you figure it out. This monster retails for about $65 or so, but I guess you could use your 40% off coupon on Tuesdays and get that price down a bit. Apparently, Ana Cabrera of Scrapbook Answers swears by this thing. Whaddaya think, is it me?

Um, yeah, I'm a DORK. A dork with really thin eyebrows, it seems.


Anonymous wendy said...

OK. That nest made my stomach turn.

but then you followed it with cutie leila, so that made up for it!! :)

Amd that gun. seriously. is it worth it? easy to use? I mean, if I don't have to refill it and its easy to maneuver... I'd seriously consider it?

4:38 PM  
Blogger em said...

It's `100 here....waaaaay too hot!!! Cute layout!! And I love the picture of you with that is huge!!

5:36 PM  

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