Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ah, camaraderie

Where on earth do I even begin?

Okay, so I posted yesterday about the UPS man layout. Seriously, a stupid layout that started as a JOKE. GEEZ.

So today, the woman who took it down came into the store to sell something to a customer. She talked to the other girl I work with for a couple of minutes, then told me that she wanted to talk to me for a minute, and motioned me toward the back of the store, where our kid's area is.

We get back there, and she says NUMBER ONE, she did not HIDE my layout, she placed it in the back room, and the owner of the store (my boss) knew where it was the whole time. NUMBER TWO, she never said that she was offended by the layout, only that she felt it was immature and inappropriate for our store, and that is why she took it down. And NUMBER THREE, she didn't care how many hours I worked, or how little she worked, even if it was only eight hours a week, she still had more authority in her pinky finger than I would ever have in my whole life in that store, so I better watch myself and take my head out.

Then she brushed past me and left. As she walked by, I asked her, are you threatening me? She turned around, said did it sound like a threat to you? and flipped me off!!!

Can you believe this crap???

I found my layout on the top shelf in the back of the back room, by the back door, tucked between some boxes and facing the wall. That seems pretty hidden to me, but maybe I am mistaken. Two, my BOSS told me that this woman was offended. How was I to know that she wasn't ? And three, since when is "you better watch yourself" not a threat?

Yesterday, this woman called the store and told a coworker that she knew our boss had told me that she was the one who took down the layout, and that she thought I was mad about it. Yes, I am mad about it. However, I know that in the grand scheme of things, it's not worth making THAT much of a fuss over. I was told by a couple of my co-workers, as well as my boss, to put the layout back on display, but I don't want to do that. For starters, every time I look at the thing it will just serve as a visual reminder of the situation and piss me off. Also, to put it back up is kinda like being petty, like saying IN YOUR FACE! and it's not worth that much drama to me.

My boss told me who complained on Monday. On Tuesday I worked with this woman, albeit only for 15 minutes. In that time, we had a conversation about her dog. It was very old and sick. She told me about how they had it for 15 years, that the vet didn't know what was wrong, that they were going to put her down on Monday but she passed on Sunday in the utility room at home, and now she can't go to that part of the house, she told me how she cried in the car when they took her in to be cremated.

You don't have that kind of conversation with someone who is being mean or angry or childish at you. Which is my point, if I had been acting mad or mean or childish, I wouldn't have had that conversation, and I wouldn't have known all that stuff. Me, Miss M of the OBSESSIVE compulsive disorder, actually was able to LET IT GO!!! Fat lot of good it did me!

I was telling my friend about the incident (I tell her everything) and she was like, HMM, sounds like someone was reading your blog....

I wonder how she found it, if she did? It makes sense, seeing as how she did comment on everything I wrote yesterday. She's going to love this entry then.


Anonymous Katherine said...

OMG, seriously...this woman needs a life!! Love the layout, I see nothing wrong with it. :)

1:39 PM  
Blogger melissa said...

are you kidding me? I think the LO is awesome..and find nothing offensive about it. I am a frequent shopper at Annalis and would have enjoyed seeing your LO :) sorry for all the sad how nasty people can get. ((hugs))

2:58 PM  
Blogger em said...

I was thinking it sounds like she read your blog, as well. I have a friend who I used to complain about on my blog but I'm starting to think she has perhaps found it...gotta be careful!!! Anyhow...sorry you got caught up in all of this. I love that layout, both versions!!

9:14 PM  

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