Monday, July 10, 2006

Six Pillars of Character

I decided to give myself a reality check. Okay, so this is totally cheesy, but what the hell, right? I haven't read through this, so it's gonna be pretty honest. I am reading it as I go and respond.

1. Trustworthiness
Be honest • To a FAULT. Really. I think that this is where that "harsh" thing comes in.
Don’t deceive, cheat or steal • I cheat at Scrabble. I suck. My husband lets me though. Okay fine. Maybe Trivial Pursuit. I steal Splenda packets (one or two at a time) from Starbucks to carry in my purse.
Be reliable — do what you say you’ll do • I'm mostly reliable, but sometimes I forget things. I'm kinda scatterbrained.
Have the courage to do the right thing • This is hard. I don't know. I try, but people seem to take it badly a lot of the time.
Build a good reputation • Obviously, failing at this one BIG TIME.
Be loyal — stand by your family, friends and country • I'm really good at this.

2. Respect
Treat others with respect; follow the Golden Rule • Most of the time. Sometimes I can be mean. Like when I people watch at the mall and make catty mental remarks to myself about what some people choose to wear out in public.
Be tolerant of differences • I do work on this one, but I will admit it is one that I work at and it doesn't always come naturally to me. I know that I have to be tolerant, but I also know the difference between tolerance and acceptance, which I also believe is good to know.
Use good manners, not bad language • Good manners - check! I am so good about my please's and thank you's. Well, sometimes I forget with my husband, but I've been better lately I think. I'm exceptionally kind to waiters and salespeople because I know how much crap they have to deal with. Now, the "not bad language" part I fail at. I like bad words. Ooops.
Be considerate of the feelings of others • I think I am okay with this. If I do hurt someone, it's usually not intentionally, and if I know I've hurt them, I'll apologize and try to fix the situation. Sometimes, and I'm being totally honest here, I consider that I am pissing someone off because I want to piss them off. Hey, I'm only human!
Don’t threaten, hit or hurt anyone • Not in a position to threaten anyone - I hit my husband only playfully (like slugbug and "you're a butthead!" - Hurt, like I said before, is usually unintentional and I do try to make things right.
Deal peacefully with anger, insults and disagreements • Uh uh. I am not so very peacable, I am sorry to say. I take attacks on my person very personally. I am hot tempered. Can I blame my Latin blood? My poor childhood role models? I don't know. What I do know is that this is one area where I could use some work.

Do what you are supposed to do • Most of the time. If I dont' have a given deadline, or I don't work hard to keep myself on task, I do have a natural tendency towards slacking off. I am trying to make an effort to attempt to get better at this.
Persevere: keep on trying! • I've just about given up on perseverance. I'm in major "what's the point, nothing I do matters anyway" mode right now.
Always do your best • I do things to the best of my abilty. I'll admit to some slacking off in some areas though, when I start to get the "what's the use" feeling like I am not appreciated/noticed. Also when I have my down days and I just don't want to do anything at all. Seriously, some days going to the bathroom is an inconvenience, because then I'll have to get up and walk over there. Sad.
Use self-control • Um... this is on a case to case basis. I admit, not always is the term "self control" used to describe me.
Be self-disciplined • Again, I have my good days, but mostly lately, bad days.
Think before you act — consider the consequences • I'm very much a "take care of it NOW" thinker, and this seems to bother some people. I could work on "think before you speak" also.
Be accountable for your choices • I'll admit when I've fucked up. Oops, there's that bad language!

Play by the rules •
I am all about the rules. I do break them occasionally (I have a lead foot, so sue me!) but for the most part, I do things by the book. I actually prefer rules, I'm more comfortable having clearly defined boundries rather than being allowed to do whatever then getting in trouble for it. That's my OCD talking, I guess.
Take turns and share • I like to share. I feel good when sharing, and this comes pretty naturally to me. I don't have a problem with taking turns either. I hate when I don't get my turn!
Be open-minded; listen to others • I think I do this, but apparently I don't do it well enough.
Don’t take advantage of others • Taking advantage of others is definitely not my forte.
Don’t blame others carelessly • Trying to think of when I've blamed others. Hmm. I've blamed others for not doing things, but more as a whole and not an individual. I think they deserved the blame though, so not so sure if that's carelessly or not. I'll have to think of this one.

Be kind •
Very kind. Except to people I don't like. They can kiss my heinie.
Be compassionate and show you care • Another one I consciously work on. Compassion doesn't come easy. Like I feel it, but don't know how to show it. I feel awkward and clumsy and afraid that what I will say will be taken the wrong way. I wasn't exposed to a lot of compassion early on in life, so this one is hard for me.
Express gratitude • I rock at this. I say thank you in person, send thank you notes, say it in email. I'll admit I need to do it more with my husband. Sometimes I can take him for granted, and I know I shouldn't, because, even with the buttheadedness involved, I am still very extremely lucky to have him.
Forgive others • I suck at this. Well, sometimes I forgive, but if the person lets it get old, or doesn't reciprocate, MAN, can I hold a grudge!
Help people in need • Uh... I don't give money to homeless people. I don't donate to charity, because I am poor. If my friend were starving, I'd feed her and share what I have. I help people by teaching them things and sharing what I know. Does that count?

Do your share to make your community better •
I am not active in my community. I want to be a hermit, remember? I could do more, but honestly, don't see myself doing more.
Cooperate • I TRY! But it's hard when the other party is being difficult. I am very strong willed.
Get involved in community affairs • See above. Miss M is a bad citizen. Sorry, City of Chandler. My bad.
Stay informed; vote • I vote! WOOT!
Be a good neighbor • This, I do. I follow all the rules, don't hammer at night, no crap on my patio to look ugly. I do complain when OTHERS aren't being good neighbors, woman who drives her SUV into the courtyard because you're too lazy to walk from the parking area! Grrr!
Obey laws and rules • For the most part. I scoop my dog's poop. I signal before changing lanes. I seperate whites and colors when I do laundry. But I am not perfect, for example; I have a lead foot at times. I used an expired Michael's coupon twice because I knew the bar code was the exact same week to week. Overall, I think I'd get like a 90 - 95% on this.
Respect authority • Only when they respect me also. This is a big one for me. Don't think that just because someone gave you authority that they also gave you the right to treat me like crap, because they didn't.
Protect the environment • I don't litter, but I don't recycle either. I let the water run while I brush my teeth about half of the time. I give my magazines away instead of tossing them after I have read them. I could work on this one I guess.

I guess that while I am not a model of perfect character, I'm not the complete example of how NOT to be a good character either. I guess I can deal with that for now. At least I have a little affirmation that I don't completely suck, right?


Anonymous wendy said...

This is wonderful!!! I love learning all of this about you.

And I think you're wonderful.

5:17 AM  

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