Saturday, July 22, 2006

Husbands and Birthdays

Tonight, I was filling in my calendar for next month. I told my husband, I wrote in when my birthday is so you won't forget. He says, while rolling his eyes, I KNOW when your birthday is!!!

Oh yeah? I countered. When is it?

He says August 12th. Really? I ask. When is my birthday? He says, sounding slightly less sure of himself, it's August 12th! I had to laugh. Try again I said.

August 8th? Nope. August 18th? Uh uh.

He finally got it right after a few tries. He asked what kind of husband he would be if he could remember his wife's birthday the first time he was asked. He claimed that his not knowing my birthdate would only serve as proof of his existence, since everyone would think I had a made-up husband if I dared to claim that mine remembered my birthday.

What a guy. :)


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