Monday, June 12, 2006


I came into the store today and I was immediately SWAMPED. The store was packed with people shopping, people cropping, kids in the play area and running around, a line at the register, and one very frazzled looking cashier. I had to fix problems with some register receipts that the other girl didn't know how to do, help a customer plan a baby shower, format and print two titles for two different customers on the computer, explain to another customer what our beginner's class was and why it was a good idea to take, ring up people, inspect a delivery that UPS smooshed beyond what I would think is reasonable, and answer the phone. All this in the first 30 minutes, as I walked in the door, before I had a chance to put away my purse or put on an apron.

Now? It's 2 hours later and the place has been completely empty for the last hour. Honestly, do I smell or something?

I'm channelling my inner Cathy Z and rocking out to a CD of my favorite Foo Fighters songs that I burned this morning. We got in a bunch of fun new product, so I am entering that into the computer. Fun cheer papers and embellishments, the most GORGEOUS beach/oceanside paper, and these cute jewel/pearl brads by Creative Imaginations, my favorite sanding pads from Gary Burlin (only 99 cents!), a Fiskars hand drill to play with in the store, a la Donna Downey (drill-do, gotta love it!), and these crazy adhesive dispensers by Scotch (like the tape!) called the ATG 700.

I guess Ana Cabrera of Scrapbook Answers magazine has one of these and loves it. I say you better love it, with that $68 price tag! YEEOUCH!

Oh, and of course, more white Sharpies and some cool calligraphy paint pens, also in white. If you don't have a white poster-paint extra fine Sharpie, you need to run out and get one. These things are AWESOME! Totally Opaque, fine point, writes on about anything - I love them! They're great to write on those giant Bazzill Brads, or to doodle on clear acrylic metal-rimmed tags, or to draw, like Elsie F., on dark cardstock. I just love mine.

Listen to me, I sound like a big stinky ad. Oh well.

You know, I may not ever be one of those people who have friends upon friends upon friends. I'm more one of those people who prefers to have a few real friends around rather than oodles of acquaintances that I casually refer to as "friends". But I'll tell you, the ones I do have are pretty damn kick ass. I am very thankful for them, the ones who read my blog, the ones who post comments, or email, or call me to make sure I am okay. The ones who assure me that I am not some sort of monster. I thank God for giving me these people.

Today, on the way to work, I saw a truck hauling a load of hay, so I made a wish. I realized that, even with all the things I see, and all the objects I desire, and all the items that I wish I owned and places I would like to see, my wish is always the same. Be it a wish on a falling star, a white butterfly, a stray eyelash, a dandelion, or even a truckload of hay, I always wish simply to be happy.

Oh crap, does that mean my wish isn't gonna come true now? *sigh*

I had a healthy breakfast this AM (scrambled eggs and veggies), snacked on lowfat cheddar and nuts, drinking water flavored with Crystal Lite lemonade... so far so good. Put on FULL makeup today, and straightened my hair. I had a nice long soak last night and used the new razor I got free in the mail to un-Sasquatch-ify my legs. I never had a razor as good as this one! No nicks, at all, not even on my knees. Love it.

Next on list... un-scary my eyebrows.


Blogger Sofia said...

I LOVE those white sharpies!

That's a great thing to wish for, and I hope that it comes true for you. :-)

9:23 AM  
Blogger Zee said...

I so did NOT know you could wish on a truck hauling hay. Really? I have missed out on alot of wishes then...crap.

Back to you, glad you are feeling much better! Keep it up, we gotchur back girl!

Oh and dude I so want one of those Sharpies, I have never heard of them before. How much and I'll send ya some cash?

10:11 AM  
Blogger em said...

Hello big stinky ad :) I liked this post...but I do wonder...why did a truck of hay make you think of wishes?? Just curious.

9:25 PM  

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