Monday, May 29, 2006

Heidi Heidi Heidi Heidi rockin' everywhere!

Okay, so I was gonna post pics from the Heidi event on Saturday... but guess which airhead left the memory card for her camera in the computer at the store? Yup, that would be me.

Here is what I have instead:

A recap of the day! Yippie!

Heidi came in with a big old bouquet of pink balloons. As if the woman wasn't cool enough, she is appreciative of the pink too. She read to us from the "She" book by Kobi Yamada that inspired her, talked about her product and other things she loves (this printer, for instance), did some product demos... and yes, I bought some stuff based on these product demos.

The make and take was too cute. Heidi made four "thank you" cards. The first group made two, and the second group (in which I participated) made the other two. Aren't they adorable? I loved this use for the Silhouette shapes so much I bought a package in each color.

I got to visit with some store regulars. Melissa (whose blog I read) made some very yummy sugar cookies with frosting and SPRINKLES!! You know how I feel about sprinkles. It's like sugar, with sugar on top, sprinkled with just a leeeeetle bit more sugar, for good measure. Yum Yum!

There were drawings for prizes. Five runner-ups, one Grand Prize provided by Heidi, and one First Prize provided by the store. The Heidi prize was this big pink metal bucket filled with Heidi Swapp product. The store prize was a piece of the pink Chatterbox luggage filled with "she" inspired items, including the She book. You got one ticket in the drawing for every $10 in Heidi Swapp product purchased in the month of May.

Guess who got her name drawn for the OH-SO-COOL first prize? Yup, that would be me. Guess who was not eligible to win said prize because she was an employee? Yup, lucky me again! Boo. Honestly though, I didn't really expect my name to be in there because I was an employee, but my boss said she didn't think of that until afterwards. Oh well. She said she'd give me something else, but I told her she didn't have to. It was pretty funny though. Oh, and the woman who got it instead of me is a VERY good customer, and a very nice woman, and you should SEE her scraproom. I am glad she won, she totally deserved it.

Heidi loved my chair. I haven't finished it yet, but she loved what I did with her masks and some Diamond Glaze on portions of it. She liked it enough to call Emily Waters over and have me re-explain it to her! That made me feel pretty good!

Oh, and Heidi mentioned ME on her blog. That Sara down near the end? Yeah, that's me. I'm like, famous now, right? Ha ha! She even spelled my name right... see?


Blogger melissa said...

I love those cards! so cute (I was in the 1st group so didnt get to see these) :)

I had so much fun at the Heidi event, and I am glad you all enjoyed the cookies ;)

how cool that you won the 1st prize!..but not so cool that you didn't get to keep

1:09 AM  

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