Thursday, June 01, 2006

Lord of the Antenna Balls

UGH. It's June. The only month that sucks worse than June is July. It would be August, but August redeemed itself by hosting my birthday, so all is forgiven.


I was driving to work this morning and I saw this mini van with a Winnie the Pooh head on it's antenna.

Antenna balls have become very popular and very varied in the last, what, ten years? We started out with the Jack-in-the-Box ones, which were funny - Hey, it's a clown's head! Instead of being on a spring it's on a car antenna! I liked those.

Then the Mickey ones started to appear. Still cute, a little ball with ears. I liked those too.

All of a sudden, anything was fair game to perch on top of your antenna. The Sonic logo? Okay. Goofy, Tigger, or even worse, an anthropomorphized hot dog, with the antenna jammed up their butts? Kinda sick, but still forgivable.

But Winnie the Pooh's head? I saw it and the first thing that came to mind was The Lord of the Flies. ICK! That's exactly what it looked like. Like someone had gone over to Pooh and just lopped his head off and impaled it on their vehicle antenna as some kind of sick trophy. GAG.

What's the difference between that and the Mickey or Jack antenna balls? Easy. The Mickey Mouse ones don't have a face or facial features. It's just a ball with ears. Just a representation, like those mouse-shaped balloons you can buy at Disneyland. The clown ball is no different than the weird head-on-a-spring that comes out of a child's jack-in-the-box toy. Just a round ball, with some stickers and a hat. Again, just a representation.

Maybe there really is no difference, and I am just weird and have a tendency to overthink these things. I just thought I'd share.


Blogger em said...

Oh my gosh you are totally cracking me up!!! I have never really thought about those things...but now I will forever think of Winnie the Pooh a la Lord of the Flies!!!

2:55 PM  

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