Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A night out at Hooters

I went to dinner last night with my friend. She told us that her dad was coming into town, and I was like, OOOH! I wanna meet your dad! Honestly, the only person in her family that I wanted to meet more than her dad was her grandfather. Her roommate laughed and said her too! My friend said that actually, her grandpa was coming too! Yay!

You have to understand, these are two old biker guys from Oklahoma. She has a ton of the funniest stories about them. They are what you would refer to as characters.

She said they were planning on going out to dinner. I laughed and said they'd probably end up at Hooters. Guess where we went? Haha! Her 'pa said that last time they came out, they discovered that the Metro Phoenix area had six Hooters. They hit all six in FOUR DAYS!

Her 'pa got the great idea to photograph this one waitress. If you've ever been to Hooters, you know what the uniforms look like. Tight tank tops and tiny little shorts that look like shiny brief underwear. Well, this one waitress, her shorts were about two sizes too small, even for Hooters. They were up her butt! 'Pa decided he needed a picture of that. Every time she walked by, he tried to snap a pic of her behind, but it wasn't happening for him because she moved to fast. I was thinking we were going to get kicked out! Finally, the consensus was that he was going to have to just go ask her for a photo. Sure enough, he goes over to the waitress station and gets her to POSE for SEVERAL pictures!

That will go great with the photo of the topless girl that my friend found when she was looking at the pictures on his camera. She's scrolling through them and then she says, WHOA, those are boobs! Sure enough, there's a girl exposing her homegrowns! Her dad says, so? It happens. She asks, what? Boobs happen? He says Sure! Which then sparked one of the funniest portions of the conversation that evening.

Her dad said he couldn't help it. He was a "Tittie Connoisseur". He said, and I quote, "I smell them, roll them around in my mouth a bit, then spit them back out!" We were all cracking up, because not oly was it funny as hell, he said it at top volume! He asks, Y'all like that? I made it up myself! My friend's brother told him that he was impressed that he even knew what the word Connoisseur meant. His dad said "I don't. I saw it on the TV!" OMG, what a blast.

I can't wait till the barbeque on Friday!


Blogger Zee said...

LMAO! Yup sounds like characters to me...hehehe. Glad you had fun, gunna scrap any of those pics? LOL.

11:48 AM  

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