Sunday, February 12, 2006

Free Chonies!

I like free things. It's hard to turn down free things, especially if it's something that I normally wouldn't buy myself. For example, I like to look at the pictures in Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Maybe not so much the garden portion, but the home decor ones really entertain me. It's just that it's not enough to justify buying that magazine. Fortunately for myself, I came across an offer online for a free one year subscription, and I jumped on that train! So now I get that, along with several other titles that fall into that type of magazine category, for free every month. Yay me!

That brings me to the little card I got in the mail last week. As anyone who has a Victoria's Secret credit card or has ever bought anything from the catalog or online there knows, those folks LOVE to send you mail. Catalogs upon catalogs upon flyers, there is something almost every week. Last week, it was a little card inviting me to get a pair of free underwear. Sweet, who doesn't love free chonies?

So I go into the store, to claim my free underwear, and also to get a couple of other things. I ask the friendly girl where I can claim my free underwear, and she leads me to this little table HEAPED with these:

What is that you ask? A tiny scrap of satin, a little elastic, and oh yes, a tiny gold ring to hold the whole mess together. I'm thinking to myself, NO WAY I am wearing THOSE, they look PAINFUL!!! But I looked at the price tag. Hmm, $12.50. Not super spendy, but not cheap either. I usually go for the 5 for $25 cotton specials, after all. What the heck, I say to myself. Let's get the free chonies!

I showed them to my husband and he was like WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE??? Haha! Even he agreed that they look painful. Yes, he is a man and yes he is of the persuasion that skimpy drawers are cool, but these just boggle the mind! I mean, look at them!

(please pardon the hair, I just got out of the bath!)

I told my friend about my free underwear. Initially I think she was peeved because she didn't get the coupon, and she is a cardholder too, but then she saw my "score" and she cracked up laughing.

I don't think I'll ever be able to wear these. Oooh, maybe when I make it to "skinny bitch" status. I'll save these for then.


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