Thursday, February 09, 2006


Oooh, I love me some iTunes. How on EARTH did I ever get along without it? I have a pretty varied taste in music, and I love that I can listen to whatever, whenever, without leaving the chair that my behind is glued to for most of the time that I am home. My OCD is just happy as can be when I am sorting and reorganizing all the songs into newer and more current playlists. And if I am not home? No sweat, I just plug in the pretty pink (of course!) iPod, and I am on my way. It's a beautiful thing.

I found this meme online. How perfect.

Total tracks in iTunes: 598 items, 1 day, 9 hours, 15 minutes, and 55 seconds, 2.48 GB

Sort by title:
1st song: (I Just) Died In Your Arms by Cutting Crew
Last song: Your Song by Ewan McGregor
(I'm SUCH a romantic, *SNORT!*)

Sort by time:
Shortest: Gidget Snores by Gidget, (30 seconds) but since that's not really a song, the next one is L.O.V.E. by Ashlee Simpson (1:30)
Longest: Lesson 6 for LearnItalianPod (14:30), but again, that's not really a song, so the next longest that isn't an Italian lesson is You Won't Be Mine by Matchbox 20 (9:52)

Sort by artist:
First: How Embarrassing... it's 'nsync, Best of My Life
Last: Salt Shaker by theYing Yang Twins

Sort by album:
First: Mariah Carey's #1's
Last: Matchbox 20 - Yourself or Someone Like You

10 most played songs:
Something Happened On The Way To Heaven - Phil Collins - 80
You'll Think of Me - Keith Urban - 76
La Tortura - Shakira feat. Alejandro Sanz - 61
Sugar (Gimme Some) - Trick Daddy - 58
Toxic - Britney Spears - 57
This Is How A Heart Breaks - Rob Thomas - 57
Borrowed Heaven - The Corrs - 56
Love Somebody Like You - Keith Urban - 55
Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus - 55
Signs - Charlie Wilson, Justin Timberlake & Snoop Dogg - 54
Although, I had Lonely No More - Rob Thomas on there twice (CD and iTunes download) and I deleted one, so that would have been hands down #1 here.

1st 5 Songs on Party Shuffle:
Dov'e L'amore - Cher
It Must Have Been Love - Roxette
Neon - John Mayer
For Once in My Life - Stevie Wonder
Do Somethin' - Britney Spears
(huh, weird party!)

# of Search returns for:
sex: 0 (Sexual Revolution - Macy Gray and You Sexy Thing - Hot Chocolate were the closest)
love: 39 with it in the song's name, 55 if you search under ALL
you: 86 with it in the song's name, 104 if you search under ALL
death: 0
hate: 1 with it in the song's name (Hate It or Love It - 50 Cent), 2 if you search under ALL
wish: 1 (I Wish It Would Rain Down - Phil Collins)

There's your little peek into my bad musical taste!


Anonymous Robin said...

Yes, iTunes is GREAATTTT!

4:12 PM  
Blogger The Knotty Girl said...

L.O., L.O, L.O.V.E!

LOVE that song! :)

12:12 PM  
Blogger ~Krystyn~ said...

Yeah i just added up how much i've spent on itunes in the past month - gulp - shouldn't have done that!

4:36 PM  

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