Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I took some pictures of things around my apartment that make it home. Nothing big, or fabulous, or expensive, just the little touches that make it home.

The first pic is the top of the bookshelf in my dining room. I covered the lampshade in the cute cherry fabric. I hunted for MONTHS to find the perfect cherry fabric. There are also some of my favorite cookbooks, including my scrapbook cookbook in the white binder. Of course, there is also my good luck elephant, with his trunk raised toward my front door.

The next pic is my dining room. When we moved in, there was this garish brass and clear glass light fixture, it was sooooo ugly, standard apartment issue. A friend gave us this one, and I think it's so much nicer. I made the cherry valance, nothing fancy. The mirror I've had for years, and I painted it black to coordinate. I also have two houseplants there, for happiness and color. There are more cookbooks under the plants.

The next pic is another bookshelf, this time in the living room. I love the way the leather bound books look. I also have some favorite pictures framed on top of the shelf.

Ha ha, this is my art wall. I don't know where I got the idea, but one day about 5 years ago I decided I needed to paint this. I went to the library and checked out an art book so I could get the details right. It's not a political commentary or anything, just me being weird. There are also some photos I've taken that I liked, another couple of little paintings, and a letter one of my students wrote me that reminds me why teachers are important. It says, For the teacher who has taught me so much, with so much love.

The next one is three smaller pics. The first one is my shower curtain. Pink and Green and stripes and polka dots! Can a pattern be ANY more me? I think not.

The next one is a collection of three small canvases I painted for my kitchen. I copied the cherries off the Louis Vuitton cherry print bags. They're so stinking cute!

The last one in this group is of the three BEST things in my home: My husband and my two dogs. Home could be a cardboard box as long as they were there with me.

Next photo, long story. I participated in this white/hispanic discussion group for a class in college. The moderator for the hispanic group was an ASS. One day we had to draw images that were associated with our group on a sheet of poster board. I drew this little guy leaning on the cactus sleeping. He had a FIT. He said that was the most rascist thing he had ever seen. I was like dude, I didn't make it up, it's on all sorts of Mexican pottery, but he wasn't hearing it. He went on a tirade and I was so embarrassed. Well, years later, my friend and I had a garage sale together, and this was in her stuff, so I bought it, just to make a point, if only to myself. It still makes me smile.

My windchime! I love this thing. It's huge, and it sounds so pretty. I bought it when we were up at the cabin at this little shop for an incredible bargain. I love windy days when I can hear it chime.

Another wall in my hallway. Two collage photo frames, and this clock. This dang clock hasn't worked since the day I bought it, but I loved it so much I kept it up on the wall. I lost the receipt so I couldn't exchange it, grr. It's still pretty as art, right?

CDs. I HATE cd shelves. I can never get the stupid cd cover into the little slots. I bought these shelves years ago, and they are perfect. They hold everything in alphabetical order to make my OCD happy. I also have a pic of my husband and me on New Years Eve (12-31-04) and a little saying in a frame. On the other wall is a postcard I bought the first time I went to Disneyland and I framed it in a 95 cent frame from Goodwill. I used to have a cat that hated that frame and would always try to knock it off the wall.

My Christmas tree. I got this a week after Christmas a year ago on clearance! It's so happy, just a little pink aluminum Christmas tree, so I leave it up all year long. It has little tchochkes on it that make me happy, like my cootie, a little Yorkie from a Happy Meal, my I *heart* ADPi button, a Piglet keychain.

Back to the living room! We didnt' have a guestbook at our wedding. I figured Why? I'd put it away and never look at it again. Instead I bought a photo mat and had guests sign that instead. Now everyone does this, you can even buy kits for it! The pic is us, at sunset, and we are looking to the future... together! Cheesy, but romantic, ha ha. My husband bought me the toad as a make up present while we were still dating. The vase was a wedding gift from his grandfather.

I just did this one this past weekend. I reorganized my scrapbook studio and everything is sorted and labeled neatly on this large wire shelf. I could just sit here and admire it for hours, it's another thing that seriously makes my OCD happy.

Last one! On top of the armoire in my bedroom, I have another little collection of frogs. They've come from all over, some were gifts and some I bought myself.

I just wanted to add that I got this idea from someone else's blog. I just wanted to share this little snippet of my life.


Blogger ............Aimeslee said...

I totally love all your little original home touches, and the photo collage is muy linda! I love your tree, what a cool idea! Thanks for sharing!

3:11 AM  
Blogger Zee said...

Very cute and I love the look of teh photo montage! You better scrap it, you could do such a great job with this! :)

4:17 PM  

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