Monday, September 05, 2005

Why don't husbands freaking LISTEN????

See, we have this TV stand. I wanted more of an armoire looking cabinet, but with no doors over the TV portion. The husband wanted a TV stand, where the tv set would just sit on the top. I said with the cabinet, he could put the video games up top on the open shelf above the set, but he said I would probably like them better hidden away inside the shelves of a TV stand. He was correct. Those things are ugly. So we got the TV stand.

Here's the problem: The Playstation and the X-Box are NOT hidden away. Would you like to know WHY? Because he NEVER freaking closes the doors to the TV stand!!!! I close them, he opens them back up. The TV is off, but the doors are open. He's watching TV, not playing games at all, but the doors are still open.

Can I tell you how many times I have almost killed myself because I tried to save myself from tripping over those doors? They are low to the ground, so you can't SEE them. And the poor dogs, when they are playing they don't always notice them in time, and they crash into them. That's gotta hurt.

I've TOLD him this. He's been yelled at and implored countless times. It doesn't seem to matter. This morning, the doors were open AGAIN. And poor Miss Gidget crashed into them yet AGAIN. So I yelled at him to keep the damn doors shut AGAIN.

Did he close them? No. As a matter of fact he did NOT. He left them wide open even though he was watching television, and had been for hours. There was no need for the doors to be open at all. Yet there they were, gaping wide open, displaying the contents of the cabinet to the world.

And Gidget ran into the door yet AGAIN while she was chasing a toy that he had tossed for her. Only this time, she did what I have been predicting was going to happen all along: she managed to hit it hard enough that the door was completely knocked off of the TV stand. The wood splintered in two spots, one of which was VERY badly.

I looked at the husband and asked him if I had not told him to close that door earlier. He says "yeah". I asked if I had not predicted that would happen to the door if he kept leaving it open. He says "yeah". I told him that the door was NOT going to be repairable.

He says, to me, sure it is, picks up the door, takes it and puts it on my stamping table!!!


I take the mirror I had been painting and hung it up in my dining room. He looks at it and says it looks nice. I just glared at him, so he mock scowled at me and stuck out his tongue at me. I told him that I was NOT in the mood. He asks, WHY NOT!!!!!!

Are you kidding me? Seriously? I mean, a whole THREE minutes had passed since a piece of furniture was wrecked because he refused to listen to me. I am busting my butt to find ways to make this place look nice, like a home, and he is destroying shit!!!

I am still mad. That thing wasn't even a year old yet. I am pissed. Grrr...


Blogger Melissa said...

I think that husbands decide when to listen or not. I'm sorry for your cabinet. I would be mad too

8:12 AM  
Anonymous desiree said...

Yeah...selective listening. I'm familiar with that:-) Sorry girl

10:21 AM  
Blogger Janelle said...

Men only listen when the topic involves food or sex, dontcha know that? UGH!

Stick that splintery board in his pillow tonight...LOL.

5:34 PM  

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