Monday, August 22, 2005

What the hell is WRONG with some people?

Seriously man.

So we are in the car about to get on the freeway yesterday, and there is this guy in an absolutely FILTHY suv in the lane next to us. You know how when cars get really dirty, people like to write WASH ME in the grime? Well, one of this guy's buddies apparently ( I hope it wasn't his girlfriend) decided to be funny and wrote FUCK U - DOUCHE BAG in gigantic letters across the back window!!! I don't want to be the one to have to explain to my seven year old what that means! I am glad I am not in that position. My husband said it was only funny because he didn't have kids. Why is it that people just can't seem to fathom common sense and basic courtesy for others anymore?

Another example: Same trip, we stop for gas. The gas station is packed. There is some yahoo in a pickup blasting his rap music. Now, don't get me wrong. I love my Fitty cent just as much as the next person, but he was playing hardcore lyrics about bitches that were liberally peppered with the F-word at top volume and singing along like it was the soundtrack to the Sound of Music or something! What if someone had their kids with them? Would it have killed him to turn it down for the five minutes that he was at the gas station?

Sometimes, people make me sick.


Blogger Melissa said...

I know what you mean. Just some common courtesy! Some people really think that they are the only ones in the world

8:34 AM  
Blogger Alexandra Wieckowski said...

Oh my gosh!!! That's terrible! Some people are just plain rude!

7:08 PM  
Anonymous desiree said...

Ick...i agree!

7:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When we went to Shasta for our houseboat trip there was a group of college students that showed up on the day we were leaving. Their car had saying in the window written with the same stuff people use for "Just Married". This message said "Shasta, here we c*m" there was another horrid one as well but I can't remember it. My kids saw it and I was so upset. I am not sure what they "got" and what they didn't but I don't think I want to know.

7:43 AM  

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