Thursday, August 18, 2005

Now I am old

I am sure no one over the age of 30 really wants to hear me say that. Nothing to make you feel old like hearing people say they were BORN while I was in HIGH SCHOOL!!! That means potentially, I could be the parent of a sixth grader. Heck, my mom was a parent to a sixth grader at my age, now that I think about it.

I've sprouted three gray hairs in the past month. Of course, they all had to show up right by my part up front by my forehead. Nice.

It's hard not to laugh when the kids are goofy. But I find that I get irritated more quickly than I get amused, that's for certain.

I wanted to say thanks to all my peeps who wished me a Happy Birthday yesterday! You guys rock, and it made me smile.

Ooh, and I got the coolest present for my birthday - a new nephew! When my little brother told me that his wife was expecting in August, I TOLD him that the baby would be born on MY birthday. He told me no, that it was due way after, but I insisted. I also insisted that if it was born on my birthday that it have my name. He said that there was no way that his son was gonna be named Miss M! Ha ha, touche little brother. But I was right about his birthday anyway. I went and bought the baby little overalls from Old Navy and the cutest onsie from Baby Gap.

My friend, who teaches kindergarten in the same school where I teach, had her kids make me birthday cards as a writing exercise. They all came down to my room as a surprise and sang me happy brithday. Talk about adorable! I loved it. The cards were a hoot too.

Then, last night, I went out with her for my birthday dinner. My husband and I are going out this weekend when I am not totally beat from school.) We went to the Macaroni Grill. Her dinner was my usual there, but I opted to try something new. I shouldn't have. The penne rustica was okay, but dang it, when they tell me that there is gonna be shrimp in my pasta, there should be more than two. What a rip off.

My friend wrote Happy Birthday on the paper tablecloth in great big letters. I was like, you BITCH! You just want them to come and sing to me and be obnixious. She says, Yeah, and laughs. So I covered it up with plates.

Of course, when the waitress clears the plates, she sees the message and asks whose birthday it is. She said that she wished he had known, she would have brought us some cake. I was like, well, is it FREE cake? She says of course, but if I bring you cake, I get to sing to you too. I decided it was worth it to go through the spectacle for free cake.

Man, that was some good cake. It quickly became apparent why she wanted to sing. She had a great operatic-type voice and she sang me Happy Birthday in Italian. But the cake, that was phenomenal, and it was a BIG piece!

I'm having leftovers for lunch.

Maybe being a grown up isn't so bad after all!


Anonymous desiree said...

Glad you had a happy day! How's the teaching job treating you?

2:12 PM  
Blogger Melissa said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday!!!! I was thinking of you :)
You must fill us in on how the teaching is going and you aren't old by the way :)

3:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey girl, I am so excited about your teaching! And Happy Birthday, man you're old! LOL. Ok, here's a question, if a girl has something on a "what a girl wants" list, will it be removed from the list automatically if it gets got? (like my english? hehehe) Or is it possible for it to be gotten twice? Comprende? ;)

10:40 PM  

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