Saturday, August 06, 2005

My Theme Song

My favorite show on television used to be Ally McBeal. I didn't watch it when it first came on, but somehow I just got sort of sucked into it and was totally hooked by the time it ended. I CRIED when Billy died, and I am NOT a cryer!

The reason I share this with you is because one of the things they did on that show was to have a theme song for each character. I kind of liked the idea of having a Miss M theme song, so I have had one ever since getting that idea from them.

First, it was an Abra Moore song. Yeah, I know, who the hell is Abra Moore?

Then, it was Unwell by Matchbox Twenty. It was scary how that song fit me to a TEE when it came out. I have my sweet, sweet meds and I am doing MUCH better now! Time for a new theme song!

This year: Beverly Hills by Weezer. Yes, it's cheesy pop and not what Weezer is all about, according to the die hard fans. But it's all about the lyrics for me anyway (even though you can really kinda groove your booty to it...).

Where I come from isn't all that great

The ghetto... South Phoenix anyone? I guess I can also interpret is as my genealogy, which really isn't all that spectacular either. I feel bad for my unborn kids, the gene pool is kinda polluted here. Did you know that my Great Great maternal grandmother married her stepfather? Both of my little brothers were convicted felons by the age of 18? I am the only person in my family with a high school diploma? I feel so proud!

My automobile is a piece of crap

Oh, you know you read that ice cream post. I hate it. It's so embarrassing to be seen in this hooptie. Just remind me that it was free, okay?

My fashion sense is a little whack

Trust me! It's cuz I am poor! My friend said that if I had the money I would be totally fabulous, like Bryan Boy. Unfortunately, I am lucky if I can scrape up the moolah for an Old Navy tee shirt these days. *pout*

And my friends are just as screwy as me

Trust me again! ha ha ha! I love them anyway, and they know it though, so it's okay.

I didn't go to boarding schools

My elementary school was flanked by housing projects through the back gate, the freeway through the front gate, and a truck stop over on one side. NICE!

Preppie girls never looked at me

Neither did the preppy boys, hmm... honestly, I feel like I am not good enough for the "In" crowd. I really wanna be in the in crowd, and NO I don't really care if that makes me shoud shallow, it's the truth. I want to be pretty and smart but be stylishly dressed with kick ass shoes and the perfect accesories and do and say the right things at the right times and drive a fabulous car to my wonderful job that pays for my beautiful, well furnished home that looks straight out of the Pottery Barn catalog which is kept clean by my fabulous housekeeper and cook, and I also want to be well loved by all... is that too much to ask for?

Why should they? I ain't nobody - Got nothing in my pocket

Oh, but ain't it the truth! This is where the depression and the inferiority complex comes in. I have low self esteem and being broke all the time definitely does NOT help. I can't wait until I get a PAYCHECK. With MY name on it!

Beverly Hills: That's where I want to be
Livin' in Beverly Hills

I want the good life! I won't lie. I aspire to Louis Vuitton and Tiffany and Versace and Dior! I don't CARE if some of the holier-than-thou types out there choose to look down their noses at my materialism. I grew up POOR. We had nothing. The other kids got the things that were the latest rage and the coolest fad, and I just sort of shuffled along because I went without. I remember a time in the eighth grade where I literally owned 5 tee shirts and 3 pairs of pants and one pair of shoes. I got teased for wearing the same thing over and over again. I never got Guess? jeans or Nike shoes. I asked for a $19 pair of Keds and my mom told me that it was OUTRAGEOUS to pay that much money for a pair of shoes. It was 1989. Now I am older, and I WILL have what I was denied then, and more, because I feel like I deserve it.

Beverly Hills - Rolling like a celebrity

Can I be like Britney? Only less trashy and without K-Fed? Please? I want to wear custom tee shirts with clever sayings on them. I want the nonstop Starbucks Frappucinos to be part of my life. I want to have my choice of several stylish cars to drive, none of which involve leaks or packing tape. I want cute jewelry and other accessories. I want a canopy bed with a chandelier for my dogs!

Livin' in Beverly Hills
Look at all those movie stars, They're all so beautiful and clean
When the housemaids scrub the floors - They get the spaces in between

Oh man, I'd give my left nut for a housemaid to scrub my floors! I hate cleaning house. It sucks. I would love to have one so my OCD can be happy knowing that the baseboards and ceiling fans are getting dusted on a regular basis.

I wanna live a life like that
I wanna be just like a king

Let's get this straight - QUEEN. I wanna live just like a queen. You probably figured that out by now though.

Take my picture by the pool 'cause I'm the next big thing

You know, I just want to be fabulous. I want the buzz to be about me, but only in aood way. That is my aspiration in life. Well, at least till I am an old grandma, then I just want to be a crazy old lady who is cool in a hopelessly tacky way.

The truth is I don't stand a chance
It's something that you're born into And I just don't belong

When I was in college, I pledged a sorority. Joining the Greek community on campus is something that I really never regretted. This poor little Mexican girl from the hood finally got the chance to have brunch at the country club on several occasions. She got to strut her stuff in beautiful evening gowns at equally beautiful resorts in the beautiful part of town. She was invited to classy soirees at homes that had been professionally decorated within an inch of their lives. All of this that she would never have ever even dreamed of doing only a few years earlier. Still, the whole time I live in fear of some snooty maitre 'd telling me that I obviously didn't belong there and I would have to get back to the ghetto, STAT!

No I don't
I'm just a no-class beat down fool
And I will always be that way

You can take the girl out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto outta the girl. At least not entirely!

I might as well enjoy my life
And watch the stars play

I guess that's to finding a happy medium with myself and my life, which I am still trying to do. I still watch the stars play...via Pink!


Blogger Melissa said...

Can I have that life too? I would love that!!!! The people that have the money don't appreciate what they have, I think we would! :) It will happen someday!

8:49 AM  

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