Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I know you want to know...

I realize a few people may think that there is a story behind the new photo bar on my blog today. Those people would be correct. As I was browsing through my photos looking for one to make into a title bar, I came across this one, and it made me smile.

See, I have this friend, who once had a slight error in judgement (as we all have at one time or another) and she started dating this dork. We will call him Sir Dork, for the sake of his privacy. The thing was, he didn't really know that he was a dork, for he thought he was the coolest thing on God's green Earth, but I digress.

Anyway, she and said dork broke up a long time ago, but ended up staying friends. One time, he went out of town, and he asked her to watch his dogs because his friends were all lame and refused to help him out. My friend, being the good person that she is, told him she would.

One night, a few of us were hanging out, and she was like, oh, I have to go feed Sir Dork's dogs, so we all decided to go with her. Upon our arrival, it was discovered that Sir Dork collected GI Joe dollies. He didn't keep them in their boxes either, like most collectors of dollies do, displayed nicely on a shelf. Oh no. He had them out and displayed in little vignettes all around the house as part of his decor. This cracked us up.

Being the fun loving group of girls that we are, we decided to play a friendly practical joke on Sir Dork. We started to redress the dolls and place them in compromising positions. (Hey, I said fun loving, not mature!!!) This was loads of fun, and took a bit of time, but the end result was totally worth it. Luckily, one of us had a camera so we could document our handy work. There was just one detail though. We thought we needed a little something extra for one of the new scenes that we had created.

Off to Walmart we went!

The stunning number you see on Standing Joe was 99 cents on clearance and it fits like a DREAM, don't you agree? :)

Let's just say that Sir Dork was not as pleased as we were and said friend is no longer invited to dog sit.


Blogger Melissa said...

ok....although it is a funny picture it isn't my favorite that you have had up there :)

4:06 PM  
Anonymous desiree said...

you bad, bad girl...:-)

9:20 AM  
Blogger Alexandra Wieckowski said...

LOL!!!! What a great story :) I agree though, not the best banner you've had.

2:01 PM  
Blogger Zee said...

ROFLOL...that is so freakin' funny Sara!!

8:37 AM  

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